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The Olin India Club invites you to experience Diwali Celebrations 2015,
Thursday, November 12 at 6:30-9:30 p.m. The annual festival of lights features a cultural kaleidoscope of activities and performances such as dance, drama, music and much more. Enjoy the mouthwatering authentic Indian cuisine from local vendors and lots of drinks.

Please join us with your friends and family for the biggest celebration at Olin. Tickets required. Advance booking for $15, on the spot booking for $20. Kids 8 and under get free admission.

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Olin India Club presents Diwali Dhamaka 2014! Join us for a fun-filled cultural evening with music, dance and authentic Indian food. Diwali has always been one of the most exciting, exhilarating & action-packed events of the MBA calendar.

small_image_344649_final_diwali_2014_posterpage001_1029193443_1029193443After the stupendous success of Diwali 2013, we raise the bar (pun intended) to a new level and invite you with your family & friends to get immersed in a joyous evening of dance, drama, music, cultural extravaganza and some awesome collection of Indian food & beer! Looking forward to your presence at Olin Diwali Dhamaka 2014!

It was a not-so-usual beginning to the sunny Sunday morning of April 6 in the hallowed portals of the newly commissioned Bauer Hall building of Olin Business School. By 8:00am, 20-25 sports enthusiasts had filled the Frick Forum with slogans and cheering:  “Come on”  and  “ Go big today,” in support of their most favorite team and players.

oicNo, you guessed it wrong; neither were they hooting for the Cardinals nor for the Rams. This one was for the Indian Cricket Team that was battling against the Sri Lankans in the World Cup T20 Finals!

As the game gained momentum, the foyer was filled with more supporters, not only from Olin’s Indian community, but also from a few domestic and non-Indian Asians trying to understand why the game of cricket was not just a game, but a mere religion in the other parts of the world.

oic2The event, hosted and organized by the Olin India Club (OIC), witnessed a grand enthusiasm, support and encouragement from both the student community and Olin’s administrative leadership. The OIC leadership also left no stones unturned by ensuring a variety of food and drink options for the audience.

Although the Indian team lost the match due to many reasons beyond the scope of this blog, the spirit of respect for cultural diversity, team work and prompt leadership, which form the building blocks of the larger Olin community, won the hearts of one and all involved in this historic feat. Team OIC looks forward to more collaboration and encouragement from the school’s management and the student body.

Signing off.

Vishwas Arora

MBA’15 & President, Olin India Club

 Cricket Image by Dexter Mixwith, Flickr Creative Commons

In the first week of November, Olin students were greeted with sights of red posters across the hallways with just one line “Wait for Nov. 8”. The optimists among us smiled and walked away, the pessimists’ pictured apocalypse and called up their insurance agents and the realists started to look for clues.

Clue 1: A group of students were seen walking towards Gargoyle every day after classes.

Clue 2: Maintenance staff complained that loud music came from the studio at Gargoyle in a language they did not understand.

Clue 3: The owner of the Indian restaurant Baba’s in anticipation of a large order paid off the mortgage on his 3rd house.

Before we could unearth more clues, the Olin India Club played the spoiler and set up a ticket counter in Flag Hallway with posters of “Diwali Celebrations on Nov 8”.1390511_10151654208992131_1088227623_n

With the cat out of the bag and no other clues to unearth, all we could do is sit back and watch as the Olin India Club (OIC) members worked tirelessly in an attempt to satisfy four out of the five sense organs.

On the D-Day, OIC wisely decided to satisfy the smell and taste senses first, for it gave everyone the energy to give the evening celebration the ovation it deserved.

The enticing aroma and sight of Butter Chicken, Matter Paneer, Naan and Gulab Jamun, to name a few, caused two sets of emotions, satisfaction in those who purchased tickets, and regret in those who did not.

The well-fed audience proceeded downstairs to May Auditorium for the celebrations. After the ceremonial lighting of “diya” by the Dean, Alison and Brad, the hosts for the evening, took the audience through different flavors of the “Indian culture”.DSC_0370

Vishwas, Abhishek and Aagosh regaled us with the Hindi song, “Aal izz well”.  A much needed song considering what’s in store for us next week onwards.

Tony Cerame mesmerized us with his rendition of Beatles and the influence of Indian classical instruments in the music of Beatles.

Abhishek Chakravarty enthralled the audience with his melodious performance of the good, old school song, “Papa Kehte Hain”.

Kaushik tickled our funny bones, with his movie of the transformation of an Indian student Krishna.

Mike Puno, Preston Davis and Joe McDonald energized us with their own version of Black or White.

Since any Indian celebration cannot be considered complete without song and dance from Bollywood, therefore choreographed by Anuja Pol, an exchange student from IIM Ahmedabad, a ravishing and colorful dance was performed by a group comprising mostly of non-Indian students. What is common to all Bollywood movies? A Happy ending!  After weeks of effort culminated in the grand Diwali celebrations, Vishwas, Shashank, Kaushik, and everyone mentioned above could pat themselves on the back for a job well done and the audience could pat themselves on the back for $15 well spent.