The CEL team worked closely with Emerson to develop a playbook for the company to deploy across its businesses to better leverage data in its daily workflow.

Part of a series about summer internships from Olin MBA ’20 students. Today we hear from Claudia Otis, who worked at Microsoft as a finance intern. How did I prepare for my interview/land the internship? I applied to the finance

These comments demonstrate how each goal is in the process of being achieved, especially with, and in spite of, the current COVID-19 challenges.

In just a few weeks, Okere’s inspiration—a pro bono crisis consulting collective—has begun solving problems on two fronts.

I am one of thousands whose position was eliminated. I came home from spring break with my daughters on a Saturday night. Less than 12 hours later, I went to the office to catch up on work, only to walk into my own layoff.