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The Vacancy Collaborative's mission is to address St. Louis’s vacant property issue and perfectly reflects the conference's core goal: to celebrate the combination of values-based-leadership and analytics.

Based on an analysis of two years of eBay sales involving 550 million items, interstate trade declines as states become less culturally similar—including their similarity in political leanings.

Fran and Elke Koch, first row. Paul Koch, Dean Mark Taylor, Roger Koch, and Chancellor Mark Wrighton on February 20, 2018, when the Kochs

Olin adjunct lecturer Anthony Sardella, founder of predictive analytics firm evolve24, will be among the featured speakers at the inaugural Data for Good conference, presented jointly by the Center for Analytics and Business Insights and the Bauer Leadership Center.

The question of what constitutes "naturalness"—and consumers' attitudes about it—lies at the heart of a research paper from Olin's Sydney Scott.