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Anne Marie Knott
In a new Harvard Business Review piece, Prof. Anne Marie Knott describes three trends that have contributed to a lack of corporate innovation and a short-term focus on returns.

Organizational behavior expert Hillary Anger Elfenbein studies emotions in the workplace—how easy they are to miss or misinterpret, and how they impact performance.

Thirty-five years after the publication of Prof. Philip Dybvig's seminal paper on bank runs, thought leaders in banking and economics reflect on the enduring relevance and influence of his Diamond-Dybvig Model.

On the eve of its 35th anniversary, Dean Taylor and Prof. Philip Dybvig discuss the enduring relevance of the Diamond-Dybvig Model of Bank Runs.

Meet Hannah Perfecto: One of Olin's six new faculty members and an assistant professor of marketing with an interest in behavioral decision theory.