As a top business school, there is much more we can do in this area. Building diversity, equity and inclusion is work we should be leading.

Katie Wools from Olin Marketing & Communications took platinum and gold honors from the Hermes Creative Awards for her work on two projects for the school.

We're expecting healthy and international cuisine options, new and novel ways of running meetings and a strong commitment to a collaborative partnership in event and conference planning.

"It's because of the university that many of us have grown up to be contributing citizens, and grown in our professions.”

Tom Tian, BSBA; Lilu Li, MSF-WAM; Robert Huang, MSFC; Tim Solberg; Alvin Nguyen, MSFC; Carl Compton, BSBA; James Pai Hao-Lun, MSF; winners of the 2019 Quinnipiac portfolio competition.
A six-member team of master's of finance students and BSBAs competed against dozens of teams for the trophy in a competition culminating months of work.