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Career Stamp attempts to bridge the gap between cultures by giving students a feel for the professional norms of U.S. business in a safe space—whether they’re from the U.S. or not. It’s meant to introduce students to a business way of thinking, through intensive career preparation before the semester begins.

Naveh Malihi, MBA '19, shares what motivated him to earn an MBA—and how he found himself in Idaho this summer.

The Graduate Business Student Association exists to improve the MBA student experience. What better way to do so than to start from the very beginning—and redesign new student orientation?

Cynthia Cryder
This National Financial Awareness Day, learn from our Olin expert what you're doing wrong - and why your finances are stressing you out.

The CEL practicum team's role was in helping its client, largest private land owner in the United States, develop a strategic plan as it seeks to diversify beyond its core upstream oil and gas ventures.