Hurricane Harvey brought historic destruction and loss to the Gulf Coast—but its power wasn't limited to physical damage. Panos Kouvelis, director of The Boeing Center, explores the effects of Harvey on supply chains, and how managers can mitigate risk for future natural disasters.
So many festivals and so little time! St. Louis is full of festivals this weekend from BookFest in the CWE, Hotchner New Play Festival on campus, to the Hispanic Festival in Soulard. Get out there and enjoy!
Don't put away your SPF lotion just yet. This story may inspire you to order a new swimsuit and head to the nearest beach (when hurricane season is over).
How can companies get some bang for their bucks invested in R&D? Olin Professor Anne Marie Knott has the answers.
Hey sports fans, it's time for the annual Sports Summit where top players in the business of sports gather at Olin to discuss analytics, strategy, franchises, innovation, e-sports and more. Don't miss it!