Olin MBA student Raisaa Tashnova's image of the U.S. was based on episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and The Daily Show. Over three months at Olin, however, Raisaa has discovered a different America—the real America.
CATEGORY: Global, Student Life
Serial entrepreneur Mary Jo Gorman talks with PluggedIN about how she got her start as an entrepreneur, what milestones and key learnings propelled her to success, and what she looks for when making investments in women-led companies through the Prosper Women Entrepreneurs Accelerator.
Are you ready for your close-up? On-site job interviews require lots of preparation, and Weston Career Center advisor Margie Beck has five tips to help you prepare.
The Arch Grants program has been doing an amazing job of attracting top startups to St. Louis since 2011. A team of Olin students is brainstorming and researching how Arch Grants can continue to attract the best and brightest entrepreneurs to compete and thrive here.
ArchHacks' upcoming event focuses on HealthTech, which involves applying a combination of medical and engineering knowledge to solving health-related problems. Learn more about the evolution of HealthTech into the growing industry it is today.