Barcelona scavenger hunt winning team: (from left) Nidhi Kandari, Sarah Sugarbaker (teaching assistant), Hannah Levin, Marguerite Whitelaw and Derek Leiter (not pictured Guanhua Yang).
On their first day of the Barcelona leg of Olin’s global immersion, nearly 100 students found themselves roaming Barcelona barrios, getting to know the city—and their classmates.
Julie Zuick, MBA '09, is following in her grandfather’s footsteps in serving the MERS/Goodwill board of directors.
Ron King remains as EMBA instructor and relinquishes his seat as Myron Northrop Professor of Accounting to Stephen Ryan in order to pursue entrepreneurial pursuits.
Ray Irving has grim memories of his earliest days as a distance learning specialist in higher education. Those memories include 45-pound boxes stuffed with books, massive postage bills—and disappointing drop-out rates as students struggled to engage with dense material and
We’ve learned from a spring break pilot to Barcelona and Shanghai with more than 100 students. And now the revamped MBA is underway for the newest class of first-year students.