Pictured above: Students and workshop panelists Amber Grace, Kesha Kent, LaShana Lewis and Crystal Ross-Smith participate in the November 20, 2020, workshop, "Incorporating DEI Practices into your Organization."
Engage white managers from the outset. Separate the human resources function from corporate diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives—plus other takeaways from the workshop.
Lisa Lewin, BSBA '96, was recognized for work on an initiative designed to "dismantle three of the biggest levers of racist power in this country."
Olin’s Weston Career Center has begun an initiative to encourage international job opportunities for students in China and expand communication among Olin alums.
The class creates an opportunity for students to focus on helping real-life St. Louis startups tackle their sales and marketing challenges.
In communities where masks were mandated, consumer spending increased by 5% on average, showing that a safety rule can stimulate economic growth.