My brother and I realized that scavenger hunts could help people travel and connect. The dream was then to design hundreds of city-wide scavenger hunts around the world, a project that we could work on together.
The question of what constitutes "naturalness"—and consumers' attitudes about it—lies at the heart of a research paper from Olin's Sydney Scott.
A quick look at Waffle Houses in the post-hurricane landscape—the aftermath the Carolinas face late this weekend or early next week—can provide a leading indicator of how badly the storm harmed the commercial infrastructure.
Some of these new faculty members joined Olin over the summer. Others have been on board for longer, but haven't been highlighted previously on the Olin Blog.
For those who did not necessarily grow up having a bowl of Froot Loops for breakfast, what’s it like to work in an American business environment for the first time? Ridhima Kaushal, MBA ’19, who has worked both at home in India and in France, adds a new chapter to her cultural experiences this summer.