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What kind of business school would we be if I weren’t prepared with an elevator pitch for the moments when an alumnus, student, colleague, parent or donor wants to know what we're all about here at Olin?

Cash Nickerson, JD '85, MBA '93, writes in "The Samurai Listener" about using the skills and practices of a martial arts expert in the practice of listening. That means more than just hearing what others are saying, but watching the big picture around you.

Leonard Adreon, BSBA '50, offered this poem to Dean Taylor in late April as a tribute to fallen US soldiers, sailors, airmen, Coast Guardsmen, and Marines.

Olin's programs, spanning the Midwest and the nation's capital through WashU programming at the Brookings Institution, also ranked 32nd in the world.

A scene from the 2017 graduate student programs graduation recognition ceremony.
Fifteen students were scheduled to be recognized with honors at the graduate programs graduation recognition ceremony.