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Some of these new faculty members joined Olin over the summer. Others have been on board for longer, but haven't been highlighted previously on the Olin Blog.

The idea for the course emerged when members of the newly formed Olin Africa Business Club—and, more specifically, OABC President Ony Mgbeahurike—noticed something missing from the curriculum: Africa.

Career Stamp attempts to bridge the gap between cultures by giving students a feel for the professional norms of U.S. business in a safe space—whether they’re from the U.S. or not. It’s meant to introduce students to a business way of thinking, through intensive career preparation before the semester begins.

Recording a video to introduce the Olin brand campaign that accompanies our strategic plan. Building scholarship capacity is an important piece of our strategy.
Olin is well able to help students “know what they will be,” as the line in Hamlet muses. The trick is helping them come in the first place. That’s where scholarships come into play.

What kind of business school would we be if I weren’t prepared with an elevator pitch for the moments when an alumnus, student, colleague, parent or donor wants to know what we're all about here at Olin?