Teaching & Learning

Three Olin students and a professor were honored at the second Skandy Awards presentation by the Skandalaris Center.

Kathy Mazzarella, chairman, president & CEO of Graybar

Tom Tian, BSBA; Lilu Li, MSF-WAM; Robert Huang, MSFC; Tim Solberg; Alvin Nguyen, MSFC; Carl Compton, BSBA; James Pai Hao-Lun, MSF; winners of the 2019 Quinnipiac portfolio competition.
A six-member team of master's of finance students and BSBAs competed against dozens of teams for the trophy in a competition culminating months of work.

Bob Chapman, the chairman and CEO of Barry-Wehmiller
Bob Chapman, the chairman and CEO of Barry-Wehmiller, stepped into the Defining Moments class ready to redefine success and leadership. To many undergraduate and graduate business students, success means money, power and position, while leadership is how well you manage

Arnold W. Donald
An instance of hard work on Carnival Corporation's Arnold Donald’s part—countered by his boss’s ignorance—had defined the start of his career.