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Dolapu Ojutiku, MBA ’21, writes today about his summer consulting experience at Liberty Mutual. He was invited to return to Liberty Mutual full-time after graduation. His contribution is part of a series by students sharing their summer internship experiences with the Olin blog.

My internship has been one of the highlights of my MBA experience so far. I spent my summer working at Liberty Mutual as a consultant in the corporate development program. I worked on a project that had real impact on the company. I did an assessment of one of our largest vendors to streamline processes and evaluate opportunities for improvements. One of my contributions that is being implemented is a scorecard that provides better insights into the performance of our vendors. It was an eventful summer and I’m pleased to be joining the company full time after graduation. 

My internship was originally intended to be in person but ended up being virtual due to work-from-home policies as a result of the coronavirus. I initially wasn’t sure what to expect, but the company did a great job of creating ways to engage with us and build community virtually. Some examples of this include a virtual town hall with the CEO to address racial injustice in the US, an executive speaker lunch series for the interns, and a virtual baking event with Joanne Chang (Boston’s Flour Bakery), a former management consultant turned chef.

Olin did a great job preparing me. I started working with my career coach at the time, Jeff Stockton, before I had even arrived on campus to start my program. I was able to participate in the Consortium Orientation Program in Houston last summer and had to get ready for recruiting much earlier than usual. The WCC team—as well as my academic advisor, Ashley Macrander—were also a good support system throughout my first year.

I found that a lot of the frameworks we learned during Seth Carnahan’s strategy class turned out to be valuable for my internship. Two other classes that really helped me succeed were “Negotiation,” by Hillary Anger Elfenbein, and “Power & Politics” by Peter Boumgarden. Lessons from those classes came in handy when negotiating with cross-functional teams and influencing people to buy-in to my project.

My advice for students about the interview process is to try to network as much as possible, since you never know who might end up being your advocate in discussions that you’re not part of. I also found value in starting case prep very early on; I attended the Management Consulted workshop as well as some of the OSCA case sessions and found them to be very helpful in supplementing my case prep. In my personal experience, preparing well for the consulting case interview made other interviews easier.

In hindsight, I realize that a lot of the pillars we value at Olin helped prepare me for my internship. I had to be entrepreneurial and take ownership for the direction and outcome of my project. I also needed to make sure that decisions I made were supported by data, but not without considering the effect it had on our customers and the values they’ve come to expect from the company.

SMP team

Professional Communication Forum Winning Team

The Professional Communication Forum taught by Professors Mark McLaren and Sally Michaels to Master of Accounting (MACC) students culminated Friday, April 22, with four of twelve student teams advancing to the final round.

The panel of judges was comprised of Olin corporate friends from Deloitte, Ernst & Young, and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Congratulations to the winning team for best overall presentation: Yueying Minjun (Vicky) Chen; Gabe Leiter; Yueying (Maggie) Wu; and Yanyang (Kent) Wang. Great job!

On April 10th, Emerson Auditorium was captured by laughter and some good times! The 3rd Annual SMP Follies drew a number of specialized masters students from all programs for a night of merriment, food, drinks and lots of fun! The program had a fantastic start with our in house talent Baihan Yu, drawing the crowds in by singing Micheal Buble’s rendering of “Feeling Good”.IMG_5387

This year’s theme was Superheroes and needless to say there were many jokes mined from the theme. The Follies are not only a fun way to look back on the year past, but also a night to poke some fun on some stereotypes and some observations.

Our show opened this year with Greg Hutchings taking the stage with his Jimmy Fallon-style “Thank you Notes”. The videos shot by our very own cohorts drew a battle between the theme superheroes and Bromance. Hence forward if you see a MACC (Masters in Accounting) student you can gently tease them about all the Bromance.

Our MC’s did a fantastic job with their opening monologue, their presentation of all the videos and keeping the Superheroes theme alive. Before I forget to mention, one of the videos also personified some of the Olin superheroes – the Professors! The Avengers of Olin was well received where we named our professors as superheroes.

IMG_5390The Follies committee did their bit in finding representation from all the programs within the cohort. In the spirit of the Follies, the committee also gave away some superlative awards.

The Masters in Consumer Analytics cohort deserve a huge shout out for being great sports and receiving the “Most

Who is that masked man?

Who is that masked man?

Anonymous Cohort” award with grace and spirit!

Of course there were staff awards as well, David McKee was named staff stud, and he impressed our cohort with his fluent Chinese! Bring on the applause. Another element of the show was an opportunity to make fun of our MBA friends. While most of the show revolved around looking at the humorous side of things at Olin, we also took a moment to look at the transformation that international students undergo when they move to America. We toasted and tasted some great dinner and shared some memories.

The third annual SMP Follies was filled with humor, memories, singing and some seriously enjoyable time. We also had our very own SMP Flash in the audience that night! Nate Quest brought his SMP Superhero spirit and it was exciting to see everyone catch onto the theme.

The night ended with an after party and relaxing conversations at Blueberry Hill. The SMP Follies was a fantastic way to bring everyone in our cohort together and enjoy the year that has passed.

For those of you who missed the Follies and want to really know what happened! I recommend getting a sneak peak on Youtube. Here is one of my favorite from the show: