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✔️ Resume in Olin format?

✔️ LinkedIn profile updated using the WCC-provided workbook, checklist, and tips?


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✔️ Developed your Personal Brand Pyramid?

✔️ Scheduled an appointment with a WCC advisor to establish an initial relationship and foundation for building a career action plan?

Fall semester is definitely busy season from a recruiting perspective, full of information sessions and events like Meet the Firms, where recruiters expect students to have resumes on hand at all times. Sometimes it’s very obvious that an event will involve sharing your resume. But what if you run into an alumnus on campus or make an unexpected connection? Don’t let the opportunity pass by! Anticipating and having the refined resume always available will avoid being caught off guard—it also allows for a more proactive approach.

Use Optimal Resume as a template to easily develop your resume in the Olin format. Below are key tips for writing an impactful resume. Your resume should be:

  • One page
  • Concise, accurate, and professional
  • Action- and results-oriented
  • Customized to the specific position you’re seeking
  • Proofed carefully for grammar, spelling, and conformance
  • Printed on high-quality resume paper

LinkedIn has become the ultimate supplement for the paper resume, as recruiters increasingly utilize both as sources to evaluate a candidate. Having a tip-top resume without an equally strong LinkedIn may give the impression that a candidate lacks attention to detail, or that LinkedIn—a growing online networking force—is unimportant to them. But LinkedIn is very important to recruiters!

Imagine the recruiter becoming enthusiastic reviewing a resume, clicking into LinkedIn, scrolling down and reading the candidate’s information. If the candidate’s profile is easy to read, with content that is crisply written and rich with information, the recruiter may determine that they are a fit for the organization. As reading continues, the candidate’s education background, involvement, and other valuable nuggets of information further pique the recruiter’s interest. Conversely, if the LinkedIn profile is sparse or clunky, written poorly or incomplete, the recruiter becomes frustrated.  The recruiter stops and moves onto another candidate. The power of LinkedIn—as a networking tool and job search database—is huge. An updated LinkedIn profile, coupled with the resume, gives a candidate a terrific chance to make a lasting impression and inspire action from the reader to contact the candidate!

If you need assistance refining and updating your resume or LinkedIn profile, make an appointment at the Weston Career Center today. Don’t delay—Meet the Firms is in mid-September. Be sure you are resume-ready for Olin’s biggest recruiting and networking event!

Guest blogger: Karen Heise, Interim Director, Weston Career Center

If Comic Sans is your favorite font, you might not want to use it on your resume, according to Bloomberg Businessweek.

“Bloomberg asked three typography wonks which typefaces make a curriculum vitae look classiest, which should never, ever be seen by an employer, and whether emojis are fair game.”

If your go-to font is Times New Roman, you’re in for a surprise from the typeface experts quoted by Bloomberg. Read the article here and tell us which font graces your resume. Or do you even have a word doc resume?? Last time I asked for someone’s resume, they sent me to their LinkedIn page.

Image: Tucker Pierce, Sam Fox School’15

In today’s highly competitive job market, job seekers are looking for ways to differentiate themselves from the large stack of resumes on a hiring manager’s desk.  One sure way is to know how well you fit the desired candidate profile? Even before you apply for a job, you should know how to emphasize your compatibility for the position.

How?  By really reading and dissecting the job description.  Be sure to address in all your communication – resume, cover letter and interview – how well you fit based on the needs of the company; addressing specific skills the company seeks and desires.

Demonstrating a thorough knowledge of the company, your passion and inspiration for the position will focus the recruiter on your fit for the job.  It will provide the recruiter a more complete picture of how well you will help the organization. Never hesitate to be passionate about an opportunity, especially when you have a strong compatibility quotient.

Photo credit: Still Life with Resumes by DresdenPlaid, Flickr Creative Commons

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