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…the St. Louis-based agricultural company could save $500 million according to Olin associate professor of finance Radhakrishnan Gopalan. Gopalan tells the St. Louis Business Journal,  that “Monsanto could reduce its effective tax rate to 20 percent, down from its current rate of about 28 percent, by incorporating in the U.K. But Gopalan points out that so-called “tax inversion” lowers stock liquidity and the market value of a company’s shares, as investors prefer U.S. laws to foreign laws. Gopalan said Monsanto’s smaller investors ‘may not prefer the lower liquidity and lower valuation.'”

Monsanto has made a non-binding $45 billion offer for Swiss rival Syngenta and suggested it would move it headquarters to the UK if the buyout takes place.

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Monsanto could save $500 million incorporating in Switzerland

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On October 29, the International Business Association (IBA) hosted a speaker event featuring Ms. Tasneem Rangwala, head of the Monsanto Global Issues Management team. Rangwala gave students a wonderful presentation about Monsanto and its global internship opportunities.

Monsanto, as a global agricultural firm, has a strong focus on sustainable community development as well as reliable technological advancement in agricultural production. Rangwala started off the presentation by introducing sustainability strategies and the overall organizational structure at Monsanto, including some of its global operations.

Rangwala then moved on to share her own career development stories and talk about how to strategically navigate career movement in a big firm.

Finally, she introduced global internship opportunities at Monsanto and its global organizational structure. The event ended with a heated discussion between Specialized Masters Program (SMP) students and Ms. Rangwala. Most of the SMP students that attended our event showed a strong interest in Monsanto’s global internship opportunities.

Guest blogger: Caroline Yuandi Ling, IBA President