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Cracking the corporate glass ceiling is still a challenge for women. Research from Olin associate professor of organizational behavior Michelle Duguid on unconscious bias is cited as one of the most relevant studies on the obstacles preventing women from advancing to the C-suite.

Link to article on Bloomberg BNA, “Diversity Researchers See Little Improvement”

Link to research in The Journal of Applied Psychology

March is Women’s History month, but instead of looking back, we’ve got some lively discussions between two dynamic women to share with you. Listen in as Michelle Duguid, associate professor of organizational behavior, and Maxine Clark, founder and former CEO of Build-A-Bear Workshop, discuss the course they are co-teaching, Women & Leadership. (more…)

No one, especially the construction workers, will want to crack the glass ceiling that will form the Atrium connecting Knight Hall and Bauer Hall. The Tarlton crew has been hoisting huge metal pipes up five stories to install the frame for the giant glass roof that will allow natural light to flood all levels of the new complex. Pictured above, framing is put in place using a three-story high scaffold.

The frame for the Atrium was constructed off-site before being taken apart and delivered to campus where it is being re-constructed above the fifth level roof line of Knight and Bauer Halls.

Frank Freeman in the WUSTL facilities department has been braving the cold weather and wuthering heights on the construction site, neighboring buildings, and even the crane cab to document the building progress.

Jan. 19, 2013: Looking north from the crane on the Mudd Field-side of contruction site, this panorama shows the “oculus” or oval opening that will be the Forum, an amphitheater-like event space. This photo was taken before scaffolding was put in place for the Atrium framing installation.

Freeman’s panoramic photo collages provide spectacular bird’s eye views of the new buildings and the area that will be the Atrium and heart of Olin’s new space.

The $90 million, 170,000 square foot expansion project is scheduled to open in the spring of 2014.

See more photos, live webcams, floor plans, and more at the Building Olin website.