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Prepare to take off for the first flight over Olin’s new buildings when you click on this video. Recorded by a miniature camera mounted on a DJi Quad Copter drone, you’ll enjoy flying over the towers of Brookings Hall towards Seigle Hall where Olin’s four buildings: Simon Hall, Knight Center, Knight Hall, and Bauer Hall flank Mudd Field to the north and south.

photo[6]You can see how our friends at Mike Martin Media made the video using hi tech remote controls that guide the drone over and around all the buildings in this video posted on the blog.

Was it a bird, a plane, or a swarm of bees buzzing high over the heads of people enjoying the unseasonably cool July day on campus? Heads bobbed backwards, eyes searched the clear blue sky, and ears strained to connect something to the buzz. It was difficult to find the source of the sound high in the sky…until it came in for a landing.


Tom Young preparing the Quad Copter for take off.

The DJi Quad Copter drone looks like it could have come from outer space, but it’s just the latest technology device for Mike Martin Media’s videographers to capture incredible aerial footage.

Tom Young piloted the drone, equipped with a mini camera and stabilizers for steady shots. Powered by batteries and connected to 12 satellites for GPS control, the Quad Copter can climb 1,200 feet vertically and up to a mile away from the controller.

Olin’s Marketing & Communications department hired the Mike Martin Media team to gather aerial footage of Olin’s four buildings for video projects to share with the community about our expanded campus and renovated Simon Hall. We’ll share the spectacular views from the eye in the sky as soon as they’re edited. In the meantime, watch the Quad Copter in action here: