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Frank Freeman from WUSTL’s facilities department has been documenting the construction of Knight Hall and Bauer Hall since groundbreaking in May 2012. He climbs on top of buildings, scaffolding through heat, rain, and snow to capture the progress on the building site.

Before the the large crane on the north side of the site was removed this month, fearless Frank got to take a ride in the cab of the crane, more than 200 feet in the air.  He shared this video of his ride which he says was better than a roller coaster.

Be sure to compare Frank’s video to the animated, virtual tour that gave us a preview of the new buildings more than a year ago…can you tell the difference between the real and virtual versions?




Can you believe it’s been a year already since the Groundbreaking Ceremony for Knight Hall and Bauer Hall? The exteriors of the 5-story buildings are almost complete and workers have begun installing drywall on the top floors!

Two huge cranes have been doing the heavy lifting of building materials for the past 10 months. The 124-foot tall crane on the south side of the site came down at the end of May and the north side crane will be disassembled later this month.  The removal of the cranes marks an important milestone in the construction project.

Learn more from Tarlton’s Cameron Dennison in this Hard Hat Talk video. There’s also a cool time lapse video of the crane dismantling here.