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RBC mentor panel

At the St. Louis Regional Business Council’s (RBC) Spring Reception for the Mentor Network Program, a panel of RBC Mentors shared sage advice with students.

RBC mentor network logoKathy Osborn, Executive Director of the RBC, advised the audience to “find a company with a mission you can get behind.”

Debbie Rub, Vice President & General Manager at Boeing, shared Boeing’s vision for the future as the company celebrates its 100th year. “Human flight is the future,” Rub declared.

The panel moderator was John Stupp, President of Stupp Bros. He kicked off the discussion by asking, “What lessons have you learned along the way?” Below are a few of the candid insights panelists provided:

Tom Manenti, Chairman and CEO, MiTek Industries:

  • Show up on time (which Manenti said is actually 15 minutes early).
  • Have organization skills.
  • Have an open mind.

Wendy Henry, Managing Partner, BKD:

  • Love what you do. Be passionate.
  • Nurture and develop relationships.
  • Learn your business, not just your job. Understand how it operates.

Tony Thompson, Chairman and CEO, Kwame Building Group:

  • Don’t accumulate too many enemies at one time.
  • Empathy in a leader is important.
  • Inspect what you expect if you want respect.

Dan Gillian, Vice President, F/A-18 & EA-18 Programs, Boeing Military Aircraft

  • Know your business and do your job first.
  • Believe in the power of yes. Take risks.
  • Manage your luck. Put yourself in the right positions.
  • Be intentional and not prescriptive.

Additional insight and advice from panelists to come!

About the RBC Mentor Network. Every academic year, each of the 14 schools of business and engineering in the Collaboration recommends students, based on academic performance and interest in the St. Louis business community, to participate in the RBC Mentor Network. These students are then individually paired with a CEO or top executive of an RBC company to receive practical, “real world” knowledge and post-graduate opportunities.

Proof that dreams can come true: One day before the TEDxGatewayArch: DREAM of Major League Soccer (MLS) event hosted by Olin convened, news broke that St. Louis business and sports leaders are joining forces to bring an MLS expansion franchise to our city. (more…)

Stuart Zimmerman, retired co-founder of the Buckingham Family of Financial Services, and current Chairman and CEO of Audubon Associates LLC, has been named an Executive-in-Residence at Olin Business School.

“Stuart Zimmerman brings years of invaluable expertise to Olin,” said Dean Gupta. “From his successful careers at RubinBrown and Buckingham, Stuart will be a trusted authority and mentor in the area of wealth management for our faculty and students.”

Zimmerman’s career began in 1966 as the 11th person in the St. Louis CPA firm RubinBrown. When he retired 28 years later, as partner in charge of the Personal Financial Consulting department, the firm had grown to 200. It currently employs over 500 people. His second career began in 1994, when he co-founded the Buckingham Family of Financial Services. Buckingham has since grown to over 240 associates with seven locations providing investment advice to individuals, institutions and retirement plans and providing back office services to over 140 independent investment advisory firms around the country. Zimmerman retired from Buckingham December 31, 2015.

Currently, Zimmerman is chairman and CEO of Audubon Associates LLC, a business and financial consulting firm based in St. Louis.

“I am looking forward to sharing my experience in wealth management with Olin’s business students,” said Zimmerman. “I think my professional network garnered over the last 50 years can bring important insights and skills to the business school curriculum and inspire students to pursue wealth management careers.”

Zimmerman has a long and impressive history of serving the St. Louis nonprofit community. He is a past president of the Clayton Chamber of Commerce, Craft Alliance, the Clayton Child Center and the St. Louis chapter of the American Jewish Committee. He currently serves on various committees of the AJC and the Jewish Federation of St. Louis.

Zimmerman holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration with emphasis in accounting from the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Zimmerman joins a roster of outstanding executives who share their valuable expertise and experience with the Olin community. Click here to see the bios of Olin’s Executives In Residence.


A list of goals

Associate professor of marketing Robyn LeBoeuf presented research findings to an eager corporate audience in December at the first Praxis Series breakfast. Attendees were surprised to learn that speaking about goals in terms of weeks rather a specific date appeared to motivate people to take initial action toward pursuing goals.

Robyn LeBoeuf

Robyn LeBoeuf

There is more research to be done, as the Q&A time after her presentation proved. There are many more questions about how wording can affect goal-setting to motivate customers or employees.

LeBoeuf’s presentation included research published in her paper, “The Influence of Time-Interval Descriptions on Goal-Pursuit Decisions”. The paper was a top contender in the  2015 Olin Award competition that honors research that impacts business.

Contact or learn more about Professor LeBoeuf here.

Read previous Praxis and Olin Award papers here.

Elizabeth “SiSi” Beltrán Martí, BSBA’04, is Director, Bear Marketing Activation at Build-A-Bear Workshop. She is an active alumna at Olin and has participated as a classroom speaker, a member of the Olin Alumni Board for the last 11 years, a current member of the Olin Alumni Board Executive Committee, a founding member and the current Chair of the Olin LEAD Initiative, a mentor with the Industry Insider Mentorship Program, and a judge for Olin’s Freshman Case Competition.

Because of this and much more, she exemplifies what it means to be a Friend of Olin. Friends are those who are giving of their time, their knowledge, share their years of experience, open the doors of their companies to students and faculty to help Olin build better leaders.

Some friendly questions for our Friends of Olin:

SiSi BeltranWhat is the most compelling thing your mentor has shared with/done for you? A senior leader once asked me what my next role at my company would be and I had only one response. He challenged me to always think of multiple “next roles” for myself and continue to explore other opportunities and not work myself into a narrow path or professional corner!

What is the one behavior or trait you have seen impede leaders’ careers?  Not developing their team! It is important for success for people to be constantly challenged and growing with every new task or project. Neglecting to develop your team and continually learn is a direct recipe for failure.

What are you grateful for today? Why? I’m grateful for the St. Louis area! While St. Louis isn’t unflawed, it has the perfect composition for creating opportunity and empowerment for community involvement. There is a big focus on engaging young professionals across multiple organizations and by being involved, it is very easy to have impact. When I talk to my friends in other cities they are always surprised by how much opportunity for civic involvement there is here. And if you can’t find what you want to be involved in… you can create it!

Sisi Beltran Marti, speaking to Olin students about international marketing

Sisi Beltran Marti, speaking to Olin students about international marketing

Who is your favorite business speaker or author? Why?  One author and business owner that made an impression on me early in my career was David Wagner, author of Life as a Daymaker. In his book he talks about how focusing on making someone’s day will lead to you making your own. While this is a simple premise, it has become one of my guiding principles and serves as a reminder of the benefits of true altruism. This can be applied to both professional and personal situations and the payoff can be exponential and an extreme high!

Last Friday, students Ashley Johnson, Junting Wang, Mengran Wang, and Xin Zhou won the Leadership Communication Forum Case Competition as a part of a class taught by Sally Michael and Mark McLaren through Olin’s Management Communication Center. On the last day of the competition, the final four teams presented to the judges-Nick Bhambri, BSMA & EMBA alumnus; Louis York, Capital Partners; Jim Broadley, Wells Fargo Advisors; and Debbie Lakamp, Graybar.

The winners were students from the Masters of Science in Supply Chain Management. 12 teams competed from both the Masters of Science in Finance-Quant Track and Masters of Science in Supply Chain Management.