Tag: Charting the Course

It’s a New Year, we are coming off of a five week break and with that there is an opportunity to reassess our goals.

It’s a perfect time for PMBA 38 to reflect. We are at a fork in the road following the end of the Core program. The question is, “where do I want to go from here?”

ShipMany folks know which direction they will head going forward. Some people will pursue a specialty track such as Finance or Marketing. Others will take a more general approach to the degree. Personally, I’m on the fence and still exploring my options, though it’s a tight race between Finance and Consulting.

This opportunity to reassess is a great chance to think about where we want to head in our careers and what we want to get out of the program. It’s important to note that there will be many times, in many different situations, where we will face the fork in the road and have to make a decision, possibly redirecting our course for our careers and our personal lives. Particularly in careers where the average worker now only stays in a job 4.4 years there can be steps forward, steps sideways, and even steps backwards. It may not always be the most desirable course at the moment, but there will always be value in every experience. We should embrace this current moment to reassess, reflect, and redirect our course (if necessary) toward where we want to go.