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It was St. Patrick’s Day 2014. First day of classes after Spring Break. Bleary-eyed students got an amazing wake-up call when they entered Knight Hall and Bauer Hall for the first time.  “Wow,” “Cool,” “Amazing,” were just a few of the exclamations of delight uttered as students stepped into the five-story high glass Atrium for the first time.

©Photo by Jerry Naunheim Jr.

The beautiful wood surfaces of the Frick Forum, curved glass banisters, and natural light streaming in through thousands of transparent panels surrounding the Atrium made everyone stop and look up.

Exploring the new classrooms, study rooms, Emerson Auditorium, the stairwells, and elevators was like a huge treasure hunt with surprises behind each door.

©Photo by Jerry Naunheim Jr.

Two years later, the newness has not worn off. The Atrium is still sparkly and awe-inspiring when the sun shines or it rains or snows, day or night. Watching campus tours parade through the Atrium, I always smile as the visitors look up and and around  and say, “Wow, this is an amazing place!” just like we did on March 17, 2014.

©Photo by Jerry Naunheim Jr.



And the winners are: Brandon Zeiden, BSBA ’15 with Jay Lee-EN ’15 who is working on a  second major in business (pictured above), and Christine Cronin, MSW/MPH ’15 and a Graduate Professional Council Representative. Congratulations!

Christine Cronin

Christine Cronin

There were a total of 23 submissions from 17 different people this past week. Keep the selfies coming…there are more Fitbit wireless activity trackers to win. Look for all the selfie contest entries on the digital screens in Knight, Bauer, and Simon Halls.

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Matthew Mayfield, BSBA’17, and Alani Douglea, En’16, are the winners of week number two in our six week Selfie Contest. Congratulations!

Matthew Mayfield, BSBA'17

Matthew Mayfield, BSBA’17

Alani didn’t identify her two friends in the triple selfie (above), but it looks like they were having fun! Thanks to Matthew for showing off the Emerson Auditorium on the first floor of Knight Hall.

We like to see selfies from all levels and rooms in the the new halls. Stay tuned for more selfies next week.

If you Tweet your selfie, be sure to add #OlinNow.

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Years from now, I hope you will be telling your children and grandchildren about the first day of classes at Knight Hall and Bauer Hall on St. Patrick’s Day 2014!

It was a historic occasion with Chancellor Wrighton, Provost Thorp, and Executive Vice Chancellor Hank Webber in attendance to welcome everyone to Olin’s expanded home.

It was great to see the wide-eyed, happy reactions as students stepped inside the Atrium for the first time. Enjoy more first day photos on our Flickr page.13246995875_2fe08c2f43_n

We’ve already received several photos for the Selfie Contest…we’ll announce winners every week for the next six weeks, so be sure to enter! 13247027205_4f026d5c1e_n

Find out how to book a room or cater an event on the new General Services section of CampusGroups. If you can’t find answers there, send questions to: 4Buildings@olin.wustl.edu.

Images by Jerry Naunheim

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fitbitFrom now until April 27, 2014, send a selfie with Knight Hall or Bauer Hall in the background (friends, classmates, advisors, professors are optional). Each week, the Marketing & Communications Department will randomly select two submissions to win a fitbit wristband.

How to enter

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