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How do you put a price tag on a hall-of-fame ballplayer? How do you decide to throw away one career dream for another one? How do you survive an existential crisis in your business? A new podcast from WashU Olin

During his time at WashU, Rick Liu has become fascinated by the process of building a successful business. Rick, who is pursuing a joint degree in business and computer science, has spent the last six months growing this longtime interest

Academics offered such relevant research and ideas that it resulted in a special edition in scholarship: how to pay for production and distribution today and manage global risks in a highly uncertain COVID-19 environment.

This fall, the Weston Career Center did something we’ve never done before: We delivered multiple signature networking events, virtually.

A student team from the CEL meets to discuss a project (photographed before the pandemic).
The class creates an opportunity for students to focus on helping real-life St. Louis startups tackle their sales and marketing challenges.