Professor Knight discusses who should and shouldn’t seek an MBA

Olin’s Andrew Knight is featured in a conversation with Poets & Quants on “Who Should & Who Should Not Apply For An MBA.”

Knight is vice dean for education and globalization and professor of organizational behavior. He spoke about when an MBA makes the most sense, what the degree still does well, and when to consider other paths for business education.

“I think one of the key factors that comes into play is what the person is looking for,” Knight said. “Someone who’s looking to broaden their generalist skill set, and who has aspirations of really being a leader of people in the long term in their careers, is probably better suited for an MBA.

“Versus someone who really has a hunger to deepen their technical skill set and become the equivalent of the functional or technical guru in a given area. That’s the most basic differentiation where you would see people funneling into those different paths.”

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