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Kathy Button BellKathy Button Bell, Chief Marketing Officer at Emerson is one of the executives who shares advice from mentors in a new e-book from Bizwomen, Mentors Across America. The book is free and available here.

It contains inspiring quotes from successful women nation wide. Kathy Button Bell shared her career experience with Olin’s Women & Leadership course. David Farr, Emerson’s Chairman and CEO, also spoke to the class and is pictured pictured above with Button Bell.

Here’s an excerpt from Mentors Across America with advice from Button Bell who says, “I have had several incredible mentors give me great advice across many businesses.”

1. Rip your ‘to-do’ list in half.

Prioritize tightly to the most important three ‘high-value projects’ you/your business can accomplish.

2. Go big or go home.

None of us has enough budget to do everything. Pick one to two big attention opportunities and throw all we have against those tight choices. Good money after good.

3. Make your boss a hero.

Always keep your station in mind, take their priorities as your own. Knock it out of the park on their behalf. Enjoy the view.”

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