A day in the life of a MS-Leadership candidate

Degree candidates in the Master of Science in Leadership program do more than just study how to successfully lead change and solve problems and conflicts in the workplace – they are public sector leaders who believe in making a difference, every day.

Government work is not simple. It entails making a series of trade-offs. A typical MS-Leadership candidate wrestles with a series of challenges on a daily basis. However, with the right set of tools, learned in MS-Leadership program, and knowledge of when to apply them, the MS-Leadership candidate is better prepared to respond to leadership challenges.

Let’s take a peek into a typical day of a MS-Leadership candidate…

6AM At the door, already running late. “Where did he leave my coat? Oh, I’m getting mad. I don’t have time for this! … Wait, wait, be a STAR. Stop. Think. Act. Reflect. Maybe he didn’t misplace it. Maybe I forgot it in the car! I love Leading Thinking!
Instruction from: Vision and Leading Change

7AM In the office. Preparing for 8AM meeting. “Think about negotiation lessons… and don’t forget, should conflict arise among stakeholders, remain calm and employ conflict resolution tools.”
Lessons learned from: Strategies for Conflict Resolution

12PM Walking back to the office. “That meeting was far too long and disorganized! Mental note, I want to be a role model and mentor to my subordinates and rising stars in the organization. I want to set a better example.”
Insight from: Leaders Growing Leaders

2PM Budget meeting. “How can I explain the results and benefits of this program? We were able to measure success; now I need to convey this information to my boss.”
Tools from: Accountability for Results

3PM “Meeting a direct report today. I want to inspire a connection to our agency’s mission.”
Instruction from: Motivation, Service, and Public Leadership

Mentor discussion

Senior Leader mentors employee on how to be a resilient individual.

4:30PM “Budgets – again! Boss says we need to be creative about how we respond to more mandatory cuts. Creativity and budgets, that’s an oxymoron”

Tools and tips from: Inspiring Creativity in Organizations

6PM In traffic. “That jerk just cut me off! How dare he! Hold on and think about impulse control.
Relax and remember: Resilience in Leadership

7PM Walking through the door. “Honey, I was a STAR today!”

8PM Checking work email for the last moment issues. “I need a better solution for my team. We need to reformulate the problem at hand.”
Methodology from: Strategic Thinking

10PM Dreaming. “I should sign up for the next course on ….”

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