Dr. Nickerson’s advice column

Jackson Nickerson is dispensing advice for executives in a new column targeting government managers.

Professor Nickerson’s bi-weekly column, under the heading: “Ask EIG: Leadership Insights for Federal Managers” (EIG stands for Excellence in Government), is posted on the website of Government Executive, the premier publication and website for federal managers and executives.

The column is a partnership between Government Executive and the management experts at Brookings Executive Education.  Nickerson is the Associate Dean and Director of Brookings Executive Education which is managed by the Olin Business School. Nickerson is also a Senior Scholar in Governance Studies at the Brookings Institution an the Frahm Family Professor of Organization and Strategy at Olin.

While the column focuses on questions specific to government executives, Nickerson says his advice will be useful to all business people. Strategic planning, leadership and management issues affect every business from startups to huge bureaucratic agencies.

Read his advice here and please comment. The doctor loves feedback!


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