The WashU at Brookings program combines the environments of business and government, focusing on the intersection of these fundamental bodies of knowledge.
Dr. Mohamed A. Zayed, EMBA 2023, is cofounder of AirSeal, founded after he and his colleagues accidentally discovered an enzyme that attaches to the “bad cholesterol” in the bloodstream.
Chan has been teaching at Olin for more than 20 years. His research examines consumer and firm behaviors, offline and online, using advanced empirical methods.
Olin is on a mission to find a values-driven approach to data and help shape the next generation of business leaders with “good data” leadership in mind.
As students of business, many of us hope to have a great societal and economic impact. I'm emboldened by the privilege of my education and optimistic about the prospect of effecting change. But what does change really look like?