Simon Hall is under siege again this summer as construction crews surround the building from the top of the tower to the basement. Phase II of major renovations is underway with projects that include building six new classrooms, beautifying the
In January 2013 I started a journey that has shaped the woman I am today. I agonized over what to wear and worried about who I would sit with at lunch, much like I did on my first day of
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To begin day four, Jason Gould and Richard Choi, shareholders at the Carlton Fields Jorden Burt (CFJB) law firm, shared their insights about regulation and litigation in the financial services sector. CFJB surveyed many firms to investigate fraud in the financial
On our second day in Budapest, we made our way to an island in the Danube River called Óbudai-sziget (“Old Buda Island”), for our first meeting with Sziget, our client for the Venture Consulting in Budapest program which is offered
Today we started off with a bang! Former Congressman Michael Oxley (R-OH) himself, of the Sarbanes Oxley Act, stopped by to talk with us about his role as a financial reformer, his life, and his career, as well as answer
Monday, May 18 marked the first day of our Immersion Course at the Brookings Institution. The course was kicked off by an introductory address about the U.S. Government by our host, Ian Dubin. We discussed the various intricacies of the U.S.