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There are two truisms about the tech field. One is constant change; the other is it’s a man’s world. Women make up about 25% of all IT employees, a seemingly low number except for the fact that it has been steadily growing over the past decade.

So what’s the secret for women to break into tech-related business? How can they be successful? And what leadership skills will keep them at the top?

On September 9, Olin welcomed Lisa Nichols, CEO and cofounder of Technology Partners, a provider of premier IT staffing, solutions and software, for the Leadership Perspectives event “Reality Bytes: The real story on women and leadership in the tech space.”

Nichols also hosts the interview podcast Something Extra, which shines a light on each guest’s distinct leadership qualities.

Nichols sat down with Staci Thomas, Olin professor of practices for communications, for a conversation that touched on many aspects of business in the technology space, including female representation (or, more appropriate, the lack thereof), innovation, entrepreneurship and values-driven leadership.

Watch a recording of the event here.