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Even though Olin has doubled in size with the addition of Knight Hall and Bauer Hall, the school’s four buildings form a compact mini campus within the larger WUSTL campus. Our intrepid student guides to the new buildings set out in the snow in early March to measure the distance between Simon Hall and the new buildings across Mudd Field. Thanks to Harry Bolson, BSBA’14, Katy Robbins, SMP’14, Geoffry Nykin, MBA’15 for showing us the way!

Whether you trudge through the snow and mud, or take the sidewalk around the western end of Mudd Field, you will arrive in less than 3 minutes.  Try it and let us know your favorite way to travel to 4 Buildings/1 Olin.

If you drive, the closest parking areas to Knight Hall & Bauer Hall are Millbrook and Throop Garages.