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Buzzfeed recently published a list naming the most beautiful college campus in every state. There were no clues to the methodology behind the 50 picks, but we can’t argue with the ‘winner’ for Missouri: Washington University. Olin Business School occupies four buildings right in the center of the Danforth Campus – prime real estate on the most beautiful college grounds around.

We sent our video intern, Ricardo Solis, out on his skateboard to capture some of the beauty that surrounds us here this summer. Foliage and flowers are in full bloom and the grass is so green. Enjoy the ride and thanks to Ricardo for sharing his skills on wheels, camera in hand.

No GoPro was used in the making of this video!


At the Olin Distinguished Alumni Awards Ceremony April 21, Chancellor Mark Wrighton introduced a video featuring the business school’s new dean Mark Taylor and his vision for the school as it begins its second century.

Titled “Unleashing Potential” the video was shot on the Washington University campus with several camera crews from Aligned Media.

Frank Freeman from WUSTL’s facilities department has been documenting the construction of Knight Hall and Bauer Hall since groundbreaking in May 2012. He climbs on top of buildings, scaffolding through heat, rain, and snow to capture the progress on the building site.

Before the the large crane on the north side of the site was removed this month, fearless Frank got to take a ride in the cab of the crane, more than 200 feet in the air.  He shared this video of his ride which he says was better than a roller coaster.

Be sure to compare Frank’s video to the animated, virtual tour that gave us a preview of the new buildings more than a year ago…can you tell the difference between the real and virtual versions?




With video interviewing becoming more popular, here are some tips to remember to make your next internet-based interview more professional and impactful.

1. Be comfortable with the technology—test and know what you can do with video and audio controls, what your image will look like, and where to look once the interview begins. Knowing how to use technology will give you credibility.

2. Present a professional image and environment—dress professionally and treat the video interview as any other office interview. Check the background of the interview area and be sure it is consistent with the image you want to portray to recruiters. Remove all distractions such as cell phones, computers, music, etc.

3. Test all setting and connections—test and set all settings to optimize the connecton and video presence.

4. Be prepared—have a Plan B just in case there is a technology problem that slowdowns the connection or prevents the video interview. Have a fully charged cell phone in case you must call rather than video chat. Be prepared to make a smooth transition to another interview format.

(Adapted by NACE Tips, December 2012)

The Olin community shares their heartfelt and funny wishes for the upcoming year. We’d like to extend our fondest wishes to you and yours during the holidays and throughout the new year.

Tell us your holiday wish.

Filmed by Emma Kane (Arts & Sciences ’15) and Benjamin Schwartz (Arts & Sciences ’15). Edited by Mike Martin Media.