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Transitioning from the military into a civilian business career means learning how to adapt your passion and apply existing skills in a new way, according to three Olin Executive MBA graduates who highlighted their own transition in a recent piece published by U.S. Veterans Magazine.

“In the military, you’re always looking for ways to become more efficient to provide the highest level of service to your country,” said Don Halpin, who served in the US Air Force for 20 years before earning his EMBA in 2016 and becoming healthcare systems engineer at Jump Trading Simulation & Education Center in Peoria.

“In healthcare, it’s a similar situation,” he said. “I love that I’m able to aid in bettering the lives of our patients, and the EMBA played a large part in that.”

Eric Maddox, who served in the US Army as an interrogator, found he could make connections between his experience and his business savvy now as a motivational and keynote speaker who tailors his talks to his audience, reflecting business trends he mastered in the classroom.

“I quickly realized how my experience in the intel world and war zone can directly apply to businesses and private organizations,” said Maddox, a 2016 EMBA alumnus.

“The EMBA program provided the perfect forum to tie together and finish off the leadership, strategic thinking, and management skills I developed through my years of experience in the military,” said Harry Schmidt, a 20-plus-year veteran of the US Air Force and Air Force Academy who is now president and CEO of Passavant Area Hospital in Springfield, Illinois. He also earned his degree in 2016.

Read the full story in U.S. Veterans Magazine online.


This article was originally published in the 2017 Olin Business Magazine.

Thanks to a generous $1.25 million commitment from The Boeing Company, Olin will continue to provide scholarship support and extracurricular benefits to eligible US military veterans.

“Every day at Boeing, we see the positive impact of the veterans on our teams,” said Shelley Lavender (EMBA ’03), Boeing senior vice president of Strike, Surveillance, and Mobility. “One in seven Boeing employees has served our nation, and brings leadership, commitment, and a unique perspective to the workplace.”

“Our gift to Olin will help ensure today’s veterans have the opportunity to achieve their educational goals and prepare themselves to continue to make an impact in their communities.”

—Shelley Lavender (EMBA ’03), Olin National Council member

Since 2008, Olin has been a full participant in the Yellow Ribbon Program, covering the gap between government funding and Washington University tuition costs for eligible veterans. Boeing’s support of the Olin Veteran Scholarship Fund ensures that Olin can continue to proudly recruit deserving military veterans into its programs.

“The strong leadership qualities that our military veterans bring to the classroom are valued by all Olin students, staff, and faculty,” said Dean Mark Taylor. “The MBA program and qualification give veterans the skills to channel their experience into becoming great business leaders who will change our school, community, and country.”

In addition to veteran scholarships, Boeing will also support the activities of the student-led Olin Veterans Association (OVA), which exists to assist veteran students in their successful transition into the business world. The OVA welcomes veteran students—and their families—to Olin with a three-day “boot camp” that provides an overview of the MBA curriculum. Veteran students are then personally connected to the St. Louis business community through internships, mentor partnerships, employer site visits, and networking events.

On average, Olin enrolls 80 military veterans each year across its graduate degree programs. Olin offers its sincere appreciation to The Boeing Company and its support of military veterans.

This Veteran’s Day, Olin reflects with gratitude on the service and leadership offered by its vibrant military veteran community. One needs to look no further than alumna and former U.S. Army Blackhawk pilot Katie Buehner as an example of the impact our student veterans have on the world.

Previously named one of Poets & Quants’ “Best and Brightest” and profiled by both The Denver Business Journal and The National Business Journal for her entrepreneurial pursuits, Katie is once again making headlines and continuing to make her alma mater proud.

Business Because recently profiled Katie for her work helping veterans launch new careers in business by offering training for careers in high-tech sales. Katie’s employer, Tech Qualled, aims to “change the way high-tech executives perceive the skill sets of military service members.” Katie says high-tech sales companies are particularly reluctant to hire employees without experience handling accounts.

“Even though veterans might not have the direct experience, they are driven, results-oriented and resilient—they have the potential to outlearn and outpace everyone else on their staff,” Katie told Business Because.

Tech Qualled has so far placed over 100 candidates, and now has 75 partners. Learn more about the Launchpad Academy for Veterans here.

Olin Kudos, Katie, and all of our Olin Veterans–you inspire and lead our community to achieve more.

Check out Katie’s full profile on Business Because.

Brownies and home baked cookies helped fill 16 boxes sent to US troops serving abroad in the latest mailing organized by the WashU Military Care Package Group. Weighing in at 319 pounds at a cost of $589.03, Jill Edwards, reports that most of the boxes have arrived at their destinations.

Edwards, senior project manager in the Office of the Provost, has spearheaded the military package group for several years. She shared notes of thanks received from the grateful troops.

“One group had requested free weights… a heavy proposition. They were using tires off of old military equipment.  A few of our care package members kindly coordinated to order all of the weights via Amazon,” said Edwards. Here are the thank you messages from the troops:

We just got the rest of the weights and all the boxes of goodies today from our last mail run. Everyone is loving them all up. Literally words cannot express how happy everyone is to receive everything. The simple comforts of home that you all helped provide for us are greatly appreciated by everyone here.

Message from Liz N.:

I got the package and shared with my Air Force and Army teammates. We are all very appreciative of your support and kindness. The brownies, cookies & walnut bread were delicious. Baked goods are not easily found here so they are very much appreciated =) The folks who cook our meals here are from different regions of the world, they don’t make pastries and other baked goods the same way Americans do….I think the missing ingredient is sugar. I should be thankful to have them supporting me in my health improvement efforts but I can’t help but miss that key ingredient.
We also appreciate all the toiletries. Both packages were a great morale booster.
Thanks again for your support, it means a lot to all of us out here.

Message from Margan K.

I just got the four boxes you sent — I am OVERWHELMED by  your group’s generosity! The home baked goods are amazing, and I’ve managed to put actual hand soap in a bunch of different bathrooms — people are excited to have hand soap that will actually lather 🙂

All of the snacks, toiletries, games, the swag… just everything. And omg, NUTELLA?! We are so, so humbled and honored that you all would do this for us.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!!