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Now that you’re all moved into your new dorm room, it’s time to explore campus so you look like you know where you’re going on the first day of classes! Here’s a quick tour of Simon Hall. If you’re walking from the South 40, it’s the building on the left when you cross Forsyth at Wallace Drive. Or if you take the underpass (under Forsyth), go straight and you will run right into Simon.

Here are a few of the things you’ll find inside:

  • Einstein Bagel Bros
  • Undergrad Program Office
  • Undergrad Lounge
  • Management Communications Center (they can help you with presentation and writing skills)
  • Faculty Offices on 2nd floor: Accounting, Finance
  • Classrooms
  • Center for Experiential Learning
  • Olin Behavioral Lab (for marketing experiments, focus groups etc)