Tag: The Mews

“The Mews” is a new passage way between McMillan and Knight and Bauer Halls. With the Missouri red granite walls rising along both sides, the Mews divides and links one of the oldest buildings on campus with the newest.

Steps lead from Mudd Field down to Throop Drive with beautiful landscaping, wooden benches, and a courtyard along a gentle descent. Easy access to the green roof of the new McMillan addition from the Mews will tempt you stay, lounge on the grass, and read a book.

Dunworth News, Notting Hill, London, Wikimedia Commons

Dunworth News, Notting Hill, London, Wikimedia Commons

In 14th century England, “mews” referred to a building where falconry birds were kept. Later it was used to describe a row of stables and carriage houses, and has evolved in usage to mean a narrow passage. Washington University’s new Mews is a delightful garden to discover, pause and enjoy!

Thanks to Frank Freeman for giving us an informative tour of the Mews for the video above.
Videographer and editor: Marc Neimeyer, A&S’14