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Dozens of Olin staff members gathered in the Frick Forum before 9 a.m. Wednesday morning and quietly unfurled a banner that read, “Thank You, Dean Gupta.” Cameras were ready to capture the moment when an unsuspecting Dean Gupta would turn the corner and be greeted with a standing ovation and applause.

Surprsie thank you guptaIt all worked according to plan with careful plotting by the Staff Advisory Committee in cahoots with Elaine McClary, the dean’s assistant, and soon-to-be interim dean Kurt Dirks. A group photo taken with Dean Gupta was signed and presented to the outgoing dean at a reception held later in the day.

Click here to watch video captured from several angles in the Frick Forum.

Mahendra Gupta has served as dean of Olin since 2005. Kurt Dirks will serve as interim dean until December 1, 2016 when dean designate Mark P. Taylor arrives.