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“To think strategically, you need to use deliberate thought processes to overcome biases that prevent you from identifying a strategic situation or real strategic problem in the first place,” explains Jackson Nickerson, Frahm Family Professor of Strategy and Organization.


As a former military officer and now as senior Public Servant, Valerie Keyes has been professionally involved in leadership and management the whole of her professional life. However, her particular interest in leadership studies as a more academic discipline originated as part of her work with the British Army in the mid 1990’s when she was tasked to review peacetime leadership and ethics in a military force evolving along the war-fighting spectrum while dealing with changing societal norms.

This work has further developed over the past decade of her career, during which she has served in a number of positions as part of a Public Service coping with constant fiscal pressures, a shifting political stage at home and abroad, a changing work ethic, and the rapidly changing influences resulting from technological advances.

Valerie Keyes is a candidate for the Master of Science in Leadership offered by Brookings Executive Education.

Keyes has recently completed the course Strategic Thinking: Driving Long Term Success. The following is an excerpt from her BEE coursework:

“Strategic thinking entails an element of risk – to push the boundaries – as well as long-term commitment. Relying on a framework such as the STAR Model to guide the process can make the difference between success and failure.”

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