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A recent post on The Atlantic by Olga Khazan considers research into various interventions aimed at reducing racial bias. She finds, “Most people are biased against other races, but some odd psychological interventions can help.”

She also cites research by Olin’s Michelle Duguid, Associate Professor of organizational behavior, who discovered some interventions can be counter productive when aimed at gender bias:

“Some interventions appear to be counterproductive, reinforcing prejudice even as they tried to destroy it. Michelle Duguid of Washington University in St. Louis has found that telling people that negative stereotypes about women are very common actually led them to stereotype women more negatively.”

Link to the article, Making the Brain Less Racist

Link to Michelle Duguid’s research.“Condoning Stereotypes?: How Awareness of Stereotyping Prevalence Impacts Expression of Stereotypes”, Journal of Applied Psychology, with M. Thomas-Hunt