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The US Women’s soccer team victory in the World Cup creates incredible momentum and possibilities for marketers along with potentially big earnings for players from endorsements. Patrick Rische, director of Olin’s Sports Business program, says MVP Carli Lloyd should sprint towards the deals coming her way. He writes in his column on Forbes.com that the window of opportunity for cashing in on the World Cup won’t be open for long.

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American Pharoah captured America’s collective heart at the Belmont Stakes this weekend, galloping his way to the first Triple Crown in 37 years. With the June 6 victory, his value is estimated at $30 million. But the winning doesn’t stop there.

Let the speed dating begin.

Racing enthusiasts are willing to spend enormous amounts of cash for the chance to breed another champion, and that’s where American Pharoah’s real money-making potential could be revealed.

Patrick RIshe, incoming director of Olin's Sports Business program

Patrick RIshe, incoming director of Olin’s Sports Business program

So, what’s a “date” with a Triple Crown winner going to cost? According to Patrick Rishe, PhD, director of the Sports Business Program in the Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis, here’s how the numbers break down:

American Pharoah’s stud fee per mare could range from $75,000-$150,000; up to 150 “dates” per year are possible; and the typical thoroughbred stud cycle lasts 3-4 years. On the high end, American Pharoah could top out at $90 million in stud fees alone. Add to that his current value, and you’re looking at a three-year-old horse worth well over $100 million.

“It’s absolutely amazing how much this horse’s value has appreciated in such a short amount of time,” Rishe said. “And given the infrequency and uniqueness of a Triple Crown-winning horse, expect the stud fee per mare to push towards the higher end of the range discussed herein.”

Rishe also points out that cashing in likely will become a family affair: American Pharoah’s father, Pioneer of the Nile, is only three years into his four-year breeding window, so his stud fees also stand to rise exponentially as well.

By Erika Ebsworth-Goold, WUSTL Newsroom

Image: Flickr Creative Commons, Diana Robinson, American Pharoah riden by jockey Victor Espinoza celebrating after crossing the finish line to win the Triple Crown at Belmont on June 6, 2015