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On the weekend of January 23, the SMP Liaisons organized a ski trip for Specialized Masters Programs students. The group of students, representing various SMP programs, visited Hidden Valley Ski Area in suburban St. Louis. They had a wonderful experience!


On February 15th, the graduate business students of Olin Business School traded in their business casual (or sweatpants depending on who you are referring to) for more formal attire at the 6th annual Graduate Business Formal. This year’s event was held at the Champions Club of Busch Stadium and included MBAs, Specialized Masters Students, faculty, and staff.

A few highlights of the evening:

  • Attendance reached 250, roughly 35% higher than last year’s event
  • The live band, Super Majik Robots, kept the dance floor packed with their wide range of tunes (Taylor Swift to Prince!).

  • Olin took over the Cardinals’ scoreboard for the evening.
  • Faculty and staff showed up for the event in record numbers – a total of 38! Many thanks to the MBA Programs office for assisting with faculty and staff cost.
  • Students received a variety of awards from framed certificates to bedazzled tissues boxes (for ‘Most Likely To Cry At Graduation’).
  • And, my favorite moment of the night, the event concluded with a slew of MBA students belting out Fun’s “We Are Young.”

Until next year!

Life in a relationship at Olin Business School is an added level of complexity and thankfully we are given opportunities to connect the student life with the home life. Recently, Olin hosted a spring formal where wives, husbands, fiancées, and significant others were able to let their hair down and socialize in grand fashion. I say in grand fashion because the location of our party was at a historic site, home to many grand slams.

We rented out Busch Stadium and threw a dinner dance in The Champions Club. Being in the same room with all 11 Cardinals World Series trophies was a treat but it was a real honor to be able to stand next to the 2011 World Series trophy and pose with your best business school friends/family for a professional photographer.

Only one other team in the world has at least this many major league baseball championship trophies and few business schools have close enough ties with the ball club to host a formal event in their home.

Olin Business School has an intimate relationship with St. Louis businesses, many of which are global and world class, and the student’s family has those perks, too! My wife and I are excited to meet Olin’s class of 2015 and their respective significant others. Please feel free to reach out with any questions about Olin family life. OlinJointVentures@gmail.com