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If you think selfies are just for students, think again. Olin staff and administrators can’t resist the chance to pose with students and we’ve seen quite a few pop up during the past six weeks of the “4 Buildings. 1 Olin” Selfie Contest. Hanna Colin, BSBA’14, managed to get both Dean Gupta and Earl Banez from information services to pause in front of her smartphone (pictured above).

Paula Kim_BSBA 16Hanna’s photo and this solo-selfie by Paula Kim, BSBA’16, (at left), were selected randomly from 22 submissions in the last week of the contest.

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to everyone for participating. We’ll be posting more of the selfies on digital signage and social media over the summer.

The contest was a fun way to celebrate the opening of Knight Hall and Bauer Hall and we hope you enjoyed it as much as the Marketing & Communications team did!

Who was that daring young man on the circus netting near the top of the Atrium last week? It was WUSTL Media Services’ Brian Goez retrieving a camera that had been placed there to record construction progress. While he was there, Brian had to snap a selfie that provides a bird’s eye view from the roof all the way down into the Frick Forum. Congratulations, Brian, you are a winner!!

Megan Abraham WUPT 15_3Megan Abraham,WU Physical Therapy’15, (at left), has been a frequent submitter to the Selfie Contest and one of her pictures was randomly selected this week. Congratulations!

We’ve noticed several PT students participating in the contest…tell us why you like hanging out at the business school!

There were a total of 60 submissions during week five of the contest. Thank you to everyone for sending us your photos.



The creativity never stops in the “4 Buildings. 1 Olin.” Selfie Contest. More than 20 selfies were submitted last week and, as you know, we randomly select the winners and post as many as we can on digital signage and here on the blog. The selfie above submitted by Megan Abraham was not chosen at random as one of this week’s winners, but we just had to share!

Here are the winners of week 4:

Price Rainer_MBA 14.1

Price Rainer, MBA’14

Jenna Lolli, PMBA 34 and friends

Jenna Lolli, PMBA 34 and friends


And the winners are: Brandon Zeiden, BSBA ’15 with Jay Lee-EN ’15 who is working on a  second major in business (pictured above), and Christine Cronin, MSW/MPH ’15 and a Graduate Professional Council Representative. Congratulations!

Christine Cronin

Christine Cronin

There were a total of 23 submissions from 17 different people this past week. Keep the selfies coming…there are more Fitbit wireless activity trackers to win. Look for all the selfie contest entries on the digital screens in Knight, Bauer, and Simon Halls.

If you Tweet your selfie, be sure to add #OlinNow.

Click here for info on how enter and win a Fitbit wireless activity tracker.

Matthew Mayfield, BSBA’17, and Alani Douglea, En’16, are the winners of week number two in our six week Selfie Contest. Congratulations!

Matthew Mayfield, BSBA'17

Matthew Mayfield, BSBA’17

Alani didn’t identify her two friends in the triple selfie (above), but it looks like they were having fun! Thanks to Matthew for showing off the Emerson Auditorium on the first floor of Knight Hall.

We like to see selfies from all levels and rooms in the the new halls. Stay tuned for more selfies next week.

If you Tweet your selfie, be sure to add #OlinNow.

Click here for info on how enter and win a Fitbit wireless activity tracker.