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Howard Wood, BSBA’61, grew up in Bonne Terre, Missouri, a farming community sixty miles from St. Louis. Both of his parents were school teachers and there was no question that he would go to college, but how to pay for it was a major obstacle. “We were as poor as church mice,” Wood says.

“Washington University was just like it is in these days.  It’s a very expensive place to attend given some of the alternatives.  And my first year’s tuition was $750.” That did not include room and board, Wood is quick to add. He will never forget the generosity of one man who made it possible for him to attend WashU.

“We had a gentleman in Bonne Terre by the name of Henry Day who owned a quarry in the county … St. Francois County where I grew up.  And he offered a full scholarship each year to Washington University.  I was on that scholarship as was my brother.  And we were the only two that ever graduated on it.  So it was kind of an unusual situation, but it was a very nice scholarship, and he was a Harvard graduate. But that’s how I got to Washington University; otherwise I would never have been able to attend.”

Wood was considered “an out-of-town student” when the majority of students lived within the metropolitan area and could take the streetcar to school. “There were very few dorm rooms, practically none,” Wood recalls. “The fraternities had most of the rooms for the men.  There was no South 40. They didn’t have sleeping rooms in the sororities.  So it was a little bit different back in 1957.”

Howard Wood had a successful career at Arthur Anderson before partnering with Olin alumnus Jerry Kent to launch Charter Cable. He has been a generous supporter of the Scholars in Business program and talks about the importance of scholarships in another video in this series.

Link to more Olin history on the Centennial website.


Dani Gallo McCausland, BSBA’16, was awarded the Geoffrey Beene National Scholarship. The scholarship is awarded by the YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund. Dani spent time in New York presenting her Geoffrey Beene case to a panel of executive judges and was named one of the four winners last Tuesday.

Dani Gallo McCauslandOf the four winners, Dani is the only business student.

Congratulations Dani!

Read more about Dani and the Geoffrey Beene Scholarships here.



Last week over 500 scholarship students, scholarship benefactors, faculty, and staff filled Knight and Bauer Halls for this year’s Scholars in Business dinner. Students and benefactors mingled before hearing opening remarks from Dean Mahendra Gupta.

A video showcased the impact of scholarship funds for multiple students within Olin before Khalyani Sankar (BSBA ’16) and DeRoyce Simmons (MBA ’15)  spoke on behalf of all scholarship recipients, sharing their personal stories and the impact their scholarships have had on their time at Washington University in St. Louis. (Click on video above.)

Chris McGrath (BSBA ’89) shared the impact scholarship dollars has had on his family and how he’s appreciated being able to give back to a current student. McGrath recently established his annual scholarship, the Jake Cusano Memorial Scholarship.

Dinner was served on the third floor of Knight and Bauer Halls and allowed for further dialogue for the night. Donors fly in from across the country for this event and it allows scholarship recipients the opportunity to get to know and thank their scholarship donors for their generous contributions to their education.

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