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Olin Business School’s Executive MBA program in partnership with Fudan University in China is number seven in the 2017 Financial Times’ annual ranking of the world’s top 100 EMBA programs.This survey marks the sixth consecutive year that the Olin-Fudan EMBA has been ranked in the FT’s top ten global programs.

Alumni of the Olin-Fudan program reported gains in the important areas of salary increase, career progress, and work experience. Olin-Fudan EMBA graduates are among the top earners of the schools in the ranking with an average salary of $360,250, the third highest globally.

“Olin’s partnership with Fudan University pioneered the executive MBA in China in 2002 and has consistently been a leader,” said Mark Taylor, dean of Olin Business School. “The large number of top American and European business schools that have followed us to Asia in recent years are a testament to our successful program and our outstanding alumni who have propelled their global careers to new heights after earning the Olin-Fudan EMBA degree.”

The Financial Times ranking is based on two surveys: one of business schools and one of their alumni who graduated in 2014. Criteria in 16 categories are weighted for the overall ranking. For more on the FT ranking methodology and details of this year’s survey, link to the Oct. 16 edition of the FT.

As team revenues increase, professional baseball salaries continue to surge with the latest out-of-the-ballpark figure of $217 million offered to David Price to play for the Boston Red Sox. Patrick Rishe, Olin’s director of the Business of Sports program, told the Marketplace public radio program that it’s a matter of supply and demand:

“Every market, there’s supply and demand considerations,” said Patrick Rishe, director of sports business at Washington University in St. Louis and founder of the research firm Sportsimpacts. “But a top-flight, left-handed starter is in short supply. Most of us are not as in short supply in terms of how unique we are to our employers.”

The average baseball player salary is reportedly 66 times the average American household income. And the next big contract for the next David Price will be more inflated than the last.

Link to Marketplace story

Poets&Quants.com, “Strong Pay & Jobs Stats in First 2014 Report” John Byrne reports on Olin’s strong job placement statistics for the MBA Class of 2014. MBAs landed median base salaries of $100,000 with median sign-on bonuses of $15,000.

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