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The former St. Louis Rams have already played their first game in their new home, the Los Angeles Coliseum. And the covered football stadium in St. Louis sits empty for the season with no sign of another NFL team in sight. L.A. public radio station, KPCC, wanted to know what happened to the St. Louis Dome after the Rams’ departure. Off-Ramp host Kevin Ferguson interviewed Jason Rosenbaum at St. Louis Public Radio for an update.

Olin’s Dan Elfenbein, associate professor of strategy, was asked what he thought the city should do with the Dome. Elfenbein said leveraging the region’s existing facilities is probably the best way to move past the Rams’ departure, “especially if it’s re-purposed in a way that brings folks from other places into St. Louis in order to spend money and engage in the things that we have here in the community that are entertainment, civic and cultural.”

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The NFL’s decision to move the St. Louis Rams football franchise to Los Angeles has more to do with money than sports, so it’s no surprise that the media has been turning to Olin experts for their views on the news.

RIshe on CNBCPatrick Rishe, director of Olin’s Business of Sports Program has been making the rounds on local radio, TV, and national outlets including  this report on CNBC’s Squawk on the Street and this interivew with CNN Money.

Dan Elfenbein, strategy professor, told St. Louis Public Radio that the loss of the Rams could allow the city to focus attention and investment on more pressing needs like improving public schools. Listen to or read the report, “For some, the NFL’s departure from St. Louis is a ‘gut punch.'”

Sports Illustrated talked to Olin professor Glenn MacDonald about the possibility that the Rams football franchise might leave St. Louis.

“MacDonald says that the future of St. Louis without the Rams looks similar to the city’s future with the Rams, and as far as cities’ economies go, professional sports teams don’t have much of an impact. Plus, he says, among the ranks of NFL teams, the Rams likely fall near the bottom of the heap in terms of bringing dollars to their city.”
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St. Louis Public Radio reports on plans to build a new football stadium downtown in a bid to keep the Rams football team here.

An artist rendering of a proposed NFL stadium for the St. Louis riverfront. Photo by Bill Greenblatt/UPI.

An artist rendering of a proposed NFL stadium for the St. Louis riverfront. Photo by Bill Greenblatt/UPI.

Olin’s Dan Elfenbein, professor of organization and strategy, discusses the economic effects – pro and con – of keeping an NFL team in St. Louis. Read article or listen to radio report here.