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To our Washington University community:

On behalf of the entire Washington University community, I share sympathy and support for the University of Virginia, its extended family and the city of Charlottesville. I am inspired by the resilience of Charlottesville and hope that the start of the University of Virginia’s school year brings renewal and promise for the future.

Universities are supposed to be places where diversity is celebrated. The horrific day in Charlottesville runs counter not only to the moral fabric of our country, but to the mission of the campus on which it occurred. The hate, bigotry, prejudice and racism that swelled into an eruption of violence is beyond comprehension. The ugly white supremacist agenda that brought these individuals and organizations to the University of Virginia has no place in our society. We must condemn the hate-filled ideology that we witnessed this weekend.

I hope for a day when it will no longer be necessary to proclaim, “This is not us. This is not who we are or who we want to be.” But Charlottesville is yet another heartbreaking reminder that this is us, this is our reality. We have so much work to do and so much progress to make. At Washington University, we are going to keep up the effort and continue to work toward a more inclusive, accepting and welcoming community. Join us.


Chancellor Mark S. Wrighton

David Meyer, senior lecturer in management at Olin recently delivered two speeches in Hong Kong and contributes an op-ed Dec. 22, 2014 to the South China Morning Post on the topic of the Occupy movement protests in the Asian financial capital. Meyer cites the historical rise of Hong Kong as a commercial and financial hub as one reason why the Occupy movement could not harm Hong Kong’s financial status.

Image: Leung Ching Yau Alex, Occupy Hong Kong, Flickr Creative Commons

Protests in Ferguson, Mo. following the fatal shooting of Michael Brown by a police officer on Aug. 9, 2014, have taken a toll on local businesses. Marketing professor Joe Goodman comments on consumer behavior in and around communities disrupted by violence and protests in two recent articles: The New York Times, “Ferguson Looks to Holiday Shopping Rush with Unease” and The Washington Post, “Protests in Ferguson are hurting local businesses – just not as much as you may think.”