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The Skandalaris Center invites you to the final presentations, judging, and reception for the first-ever Boeing Patent Challenge to be held  Thursday, December 3 at 5:30 pm in Emerson Auditorium. Awards ceremony and reception to follow immediately in Frick Forum. RSVP here.

Six interdisciplinary student teams will be showcasing the intellectual property they translated, commercialized, and illustrated for the competition. There will be an opportunity for the audience to vote on their favorite team and the crowd favorite will win $500!

Here are the top 6 teams and their ideas:
A-Team: Horus redirects Boeing’s satellite Hyperspectral Imaging technology (“HSI”) inward to visualize previously unseen cancer biomarkers in real time to reduce cost, risk, and complications associated with cancer diagnostics.

[m]brace: [m]brace is an adhesive tracking device that reports real time information about people’s alcohol intake levels.

Nano Syntech: Nano Syntech produces self-sustaining power within wearable technology through proprietary material systems designed to continuously and autonomously charge wearable devices and reduce charging frequency.

OASIS: Oasis is a software middleware firm specializing in virtual reality (VR) eye tracking technology that helps the end user by preventing nausea, especially in long term use, via personalized image projections and benefits the VR device maker by accumulating user attention data for potential marketing applications.

PerfecTemp: PerfecTemp develops and produces a high-end modular insulation—primarily for use in clothing—that dynamically adjusts thermal properties to provide maximum comfort to the user over a broad range of ambient temperatures.

VLMVM: StentIT allows for effective and rapid internal monitoring of stents’ structural integrity without costly imaging modalities.

Boeing PhantomWorks Ventures has partnered with the Skandalaris Center for Interdisciplinary Innovation and Entrepreneurship to bring WashU students a unique competition. Boeing is releasing patents with high-commercialization potential while students form multi-disciplinary teams to learn, understand, translate, illustrate and commercialize the patented technology. Each team must have representation from at least 3 of the schools at Wash U. Students at all levels are eligible to participate. Faculty and post-docs are welcome to act as advisers to student teams. $5000 in prizes to be awarded.

Boeing-2015-2cvyc7t-350x458PHASE 1: Teams translate the technical language of the patent into plain English and rich media

PHASE 2: Teams build a new venture concept around a valuable set of IP

The Skandalaris Center and PhantomWorks Ventures will provide practical entrepreneurial training and coaching throughout phase 1 and phase 2.

Learn more on the Skandalaris Center website or attend an information session – August 27, 28, & 31 at 5pm in Simon Hall 112

I had trouble falling asleep last night as I thought about our upcoming trip to Israel.  Never having been before I am nervous about what I will find there.  Never have I had such high expectations for a place.  Friends tell me Israel is one of the most wonderful and extraordinary places they have ever been and former participants in this class rave about their experience.  I am eager to finally experience Israel in person.

In addition, our entire coursework prepared us for this trip.  We have spent the past several months learning about the different industries and what makes the economy so unique.  I am interested to have my questions answered and meet many of the characters presented in the book in person.  Not many students have the chance to interact with Ed Mlavsky and learn about how the Israel venture capital industry came to be.  The things that have led to Israel are also multidimensional.  Understanding this means learning more about government, the military, culture, finance and education.  By understanding more about Israeli success, I will learn more about all of these industries.  Lastly, the successes of Israeli technological development are ever present in my life.  An enormous number of patents that run my cellphone, computer and television were all created in Israel.  Getting to learn about the creation of these things will also better prepare me for success in school and beyond.  I will learn about what fuels creativity and how I can spot possible ideas for success.  I will also learn about overcoming adversity and persevering through challenges, which entrepreneurs must constantly do.

Dan – Class of 2016 – Olin – New York City