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I have found teamwork to be one of the cornerstones of the Olin experience. This fall, all freshmen in Management 100 and Management 150 were put into random teams. We had the same teams for both classes. All projects and the vast majority of the homework in both classes were team assignments. This meant that early on I had to get very close to working with a small group of people.

Both of these classes culminated in large final group projects. In Management 150, we had to design a product, and pitch it to a group of judges. We ended up designing a high heeled shoe, called “Cabriolet” with removable heals making it easier to walk.

Cabriolet Executive Poster Summary

Our Management 150 Pitch Poster

In Management 100, we had to analyze Nintendo and propose solutions to solve their underlying problems. We then had to present these solutions to a panel of judges. After countless hours of work and late nights, we had our presentation this morning. I left feeling very proud of my team. We certainly have become the “high performing” team we aspired to be earlier in the year.

I’d like to give a special shout-out to my team members Hannah Paige, Chris Detloff, and Jenna Sumikawa for all the hard work they put in this semester.