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If you would like to contribute to the next Wash U Military Care Package mailing, please drop off your donations by 11:00 a.m. on Wednesday, April 26. We will be packing boxes on Friday, April 28, 1:30 p.m. in the North Campus dining area.  Please let me know if you would like to join in the fun!

Drop off locations:
Knight Hall, Suite 310
Lopata Hall, Room 303
Med School – Clayton/Taylor Building,  4480 Clayton, 2nd Floor
North Brookings, Room 155
North Campus, Financial Services second floor kitchen area
South 40, South 40 House Annex, Room 1040
West Campus, 11 North Jackson

Our last mailing was a huge success which meant huge postage costs (over $1200!).  Currently we have $198 left in the postage fund so donations toward postage would be much appreciated.  Please make checks payable to Washington University.  Donations toward the Military Care Package project are not tax deductible.  Sorry!

I received one response regarding special requests.  “… hand soap that smells nice would be much appreciated. We ladies usually put our own in the bathroom here to replace the industrial stuff they provide 😉 Anything you all send, especially different flavors of things, will be very much appreciated!”

Suggested items (Please remember no aerosol or glass)
Baked goods
Air freshener (type you hang from review mirror) (no aerosol or liquid)
Anti-bacterial items
Baby wipes
Beef Slim Jims
Breakfast bars, granola bars
Coffee Corn nuts
DVD’s (new or slightly used)
Dried fruit
Energy mixes
Hand sanitizer
Home-baked goods (please put your name on packages)
Hygiene products – male and female
Individually wrapped snacks
Lip balm/Chap stick
Liquid bath soap (please no bars – the sand sticks to the bars)
Microwave popcorn
Non-digital table games
Power bars, Protein Bars, Nutritional Bars
Single serve – pre-sweetened drink mixes (Gatorade, Crystal Light, Wylers, etc.)
Tooth paste
Trail mix (individual size servings)
Sudoku/crossword puzzle books
Funds for postage are always welcome

Guest Blogger: Jill Edwards

Try to imagine NINE TONS of homemade cookies, brownies, popcorn, DVDs, and other all-American treats. That’s the total weight of care packages sent to U.S. soldiers serving in war zones since 2004 by members of the WashU community. Faculty, staff, and students have collected, packed and shipped the much-appreciated goodies and supplies on a regular basis for more than a decade.

Jill Edwards, Senior Project Manager in the Office of the Vice Provost has organized the campus-wide effort and sent this message to volunteers:

“YOU ARE AMAZING!!  On February 26th the Washington University Care Package group sent 20 boxes weighing 450 pounds at a cost of $829.25 to our U.S. Troops. This mailing brings the total weight of snacks, toiletries, baked-goods, etc., to 18,219 pounds.  YES!  You read that right! Since 2004 you have sent over NINE TONS of supplies to our troops!
Thank you to everyone who donated items, baked goods, postage funds and their time (and muscles!) to pack the heavy boxes.  I have heard from all but one solider confirming that they have received the packages.  Their emails are copied below. – Jill”

Claire Patterson in the Graduate Programs Office has organized the Military Care Package efforts at Olin.

From Miguel De Jesus:
I personally wanted to thank you and all the other bakers (Larisa, Debbie, Lilia, and Judy) and all the personnel & friends from the Washington University of St. Louis for the baked goods and other items in the boxes sent to the Soldiers of the 10th Mountain Division, they really appreciate everything.  Most importantly, I wanted to thank all of you for using some of your personal time to bake those goodies for the Soldiers.  It is people like your group who make being away from home worth doing.  There is no way for me explain how important and appreciated this is, you would understand if your saw the smile on the Soldiers faces.  It is not just because of the baked goods and other items, but because they know there are still people back home who appreciate and care about them. Thank you for your support.

From Juan Banales:
I’m so sorry I’m just getting back to you.  We’ve been having connectivity issues at our outstation.

Thank you so much for the packages!  The brownies didn’t last two days– my boys were eating them by the handful.  We’re all so grateful for the rest of the items sent as well.  Believe me, we’re putting everything to good use.

I hope this message finds you in good health.  For our part, we’ve been busy.  We’ve conducted different types of operations with great success but, unfortunately, at some cost to our partners.  Thankfully, all of my men are alive and well; only a few scrapes and wounds.  Again, thank you for taking the time to send us everything.  It truly means a lot.

From David Butler:
I received those boxes while I was of town last week and my soldiers loved the food! Thank you all!!!!!!

Bradley Schamel:
I just wanted to write a quick email and express the gratitude of my team for the care packages you all sent, it truly builds moral and means the world when we are able to receive a small “slice of America” out here. The guys (and myself) really enjoyed all the home baked/cooked goodies.

Again, thank you so so much, I am actually enjoying one of the brownies right now 🙂

From Ryan Jones:
Just got the package a few days ago… and I would say most all the snacks are gone already 😉 I did save a few bags in my fridge so I could space it out over a few weeks. But everyone here that I gave the stuff out to really enjoyed the snacks and other gifts.

Thanks again for thinking of us and the support… everyone really does appreciate the thoughts and generosity.

From Alexander Larson:
I received both of your boxes today. Thank you very much! You made a lot of Soldiers happy with the gifts. We really appreciate all that you guys do back in the States to support us while we are over here.

From Jeremiah Seitz:
Wow! Thank you very much for the great care packages. We received one the 10th and the other on the 11th. Both were emptied within a few hours of opening by the Soldiers. I had no idea the Salt & Vinegar chips would be such a hit. My personal weakness were the brownies!

Everyone here is very grateful for your continued support.

From Travis Buehner: (email #1)
I got your package in the mail yesterday.  We really appreciate all the support from the Wash U team.  Thank you for organizing this and please thank all the faculty, staff and students [and friends] who contributed.  I have passed out many of the items to our Soldiers who were extremely appreciative. Jan – The chocolate chocolate chunk cookies were delicious.

From Travis Buehner: (email #2)
Got the second box today.  Mail system is weird over here.  Thanks so much.

Judy – Your brownies were great, I just ate one.  We were just talking about brownies the other day while at dinner…something they don’t have over here, so the timing was impeccable.  I’ll be sure to share with everyone!

From Tod Pham Vo:
The other 2 boxes arrived today.   Thank you so much.  Please tell anyone else involved that myself and the others are very appreciative.  Will be dishing some of this out to my roommate and some others I know could use some extra goodies.

If you would like to participate in the next Washington University Military Care Package shipment please drop off your donations to one of the locations listed below by 12:00 noon on Wednesday, May 7.

Suggested items (Please remember no aerosol or glass)
AA and AAA batteries
Microwave meals (Ramen Noodles in a cup, raviolis, mac and cheese cups, etc.)
Trail mix (individual size servings) – this is always a favorite!
Energy mixes
Single serve – pre-sweetened drink mixes (Crystal Light, Wylers, etc.)
Tang drink mix, Gatorade powder (preferably single serve)
Chap stick
Liquid bath soap (please no bars – the sand sticks to the bars)
DVD’s (new or slightly used)
Microwave popcorn
Beef Slim Jims
Oatmeal – instant
Individually wrapped snacks
Power bars, Protein Bars, Nutritional Bars
Breakfast bars, granola bars
Hand sanitizer
Clorox wipes
baby wipes
Easy Mac
Dorritos, Fritos and other snacks
Canned nacho cheese dip and salsa (not in a glass jar)
Socks – white
Funds for postage are always appreciated

Drop off locations:
Knight Hall, Suite 310 (Claire Patterson 935-7301)
Lopata Hall, Room 303 (Chris Kroeger, 935-6169)
Med School – Clayton/Taylor Building,
4480 Clayton, 2nd Floor (362-4548 Emily Hixson)
North Brookings, Room 155 (Jill Edwards 935-5623)
North Campus, Financial Services second floor kitchen area (Jan Knobloch Cooke 935- 9789)
South 40, South 40 House, Room 1006 (Lora Clark, 935-4329)
Rebstock 321, Biology Department (Judy Musick 935-6871)
West Campus, 11 North Jackson (Julie Lichtenegger 935-7789)

Flag image: Creative Commons, Flickr, Kahunapule Michael Johnson