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Olin Alumni Board president Jim Gidcumb, EMBA’93, asks KaLeena Weaver Thomas, PMBA’12, why she donates time and treasure to their alma mater. Bottom line? “It’s an investment that’s going to pay back valuable dividends,” she says. (more…)

“The Mews” is a new passage way between McMillan and Knight and Bauer Halls. With the Missouri red granite walls rising along both sides, the Mews divides and links one of the oldest buildings on campus with the newest.

Steps lead from Mudd Field down to Throop Drive with beautiful landscaping, wooden benches, and a courtyard along a gentle descent. Easy access to the green roof of the new McMillan addition from the Mews will tempt you stay, lounge on the grass, and read a book.

Dunworth News, Notting Hill, London, Wikimedia Commons

Dunworth News, Notting Hill, London, Wikimedia Commons

In 14th century England, “mews” referred to a building where falconry birds were kept. Later it was used to describe a row of stables and carriage houses, and has evolved in usage to mean a narrow passage. Washington University’s new Mews is a delightful garden to discover, pause and enjoy!

Thanks to Frank Freeman for giving us an informative tour of the Mews for the video above.
Videographer and editor: Marc Neimeyer, A&S’14

May 2 marked the official dedication of Knight Hall and Bauer Hall as the newest additions to the Washington University Danforth Campus. Members of the Knight and Bauer families, the Chancellor, WUSTL Chairman of the Board Stephen F. Brauer, Emerson CEO David Farr, and other dignitaries were present for the ribbon cutting on the red carpet on Boles Plaza.

140502_naunheim_olin_building_dedication_169More than 1,000 alumni, students, faculty, staff, and friends of Olin attended the formal Dedication Ceremony under a giant tent on Mudd Field.

George Bauer told the assembled guests that on a recent visit he stood outside the new building that bears his name to hear what students were saying about the $90 million facilities. “Awesome, dynamite,  and it blows me away,” were the three most frequent comments he heard—and he said he was in complete agreement with that assessment.

Overcast skies resulted in chilly afternoon temperatures, but just before the ribbon was cut and guests were invited to a reception in the new buildings, the clouds cleared and bright sunshine flooded the Atrium.

It was the first time for many of the guests to view the buildings that were constructed in less than two years and nearly double the footprint of Olin on the Danforth Campus. 140502_naunheim_olin_building_dedication_174Guests were treated to appetizer buffets on every level of the buildings. A photo booth printed instant souvenirs for attendees with customized frames to mark the occasion.

Three student a cappella groups—the Greenleafs, the Stereotypes, and the Pikers—performed and the Tommy Halloran Guerilla Swing Band provided music for the gala that united professors and former students, classmates, and friends from across many of the business school’s programs and generations.

If you couldn’t join us for Dedication, the video is available online.

To watch the Dedication ceremony, click here.

You might have noticed some new faces along the walls of Knight Hall and Bauer Hall the past few weeks. Portraits of generous donors whose names grace our buildings, classrooms, and meeting spaces have been hung to honor their commitment to Olin and the University.

photo[3]These are people who care deeply about educating smart and innovative business leaders. We’ve etched their words of advice and their hopes for our mission in stone.

Take a moment to read these words and the bios of these great benefactors. photo 2


We are all beneficiaries of their foresight, hard work, and determination that future generations will have these halls and classrooms to carry on our tradition of excellence in business education.

photoLandscapers, stonemasons, carpenters, and many other workers have been busy putting the finishing touches on Knight Hall and Bauer Hall in preparation for our Dedication weekend festivities.

Learn more about the art of etching names and words of wisdom in stone in this video:




Looking for your class in BH 150? Who moved the Grad student lounge? Where’d the Weston Career Center go?  Here’s a quick guide to help you find your way around Knight Hall (KH) and Bauer Hall (BH). Stop by and see the new Graduate Programs office on Level 3 (Mudd Field level), directly across from the Graduate Student Lounge.

Restrooms, elevators, filtered water dispensers and drinking fountains are located on each level in the northeast corner of Knight Hall.


  • Zimring Classroom (BH150; 60 seat tiered classroom)
  • Ling Classroom (BH160; 80 seat tiered classroom)
  • Emerson Auditorium (KH110) and Auditorium Foyer (KH110B)
  • Frick Forum (KH171)
  • Classrooms for future development (BH110 and BH 130)
  • Ten (10) Group study rooms (BH102, BH151, BH152, BH153, KH182, KH184, KH185, KH191, KH192, KH193)
  • Corridor connection to the Knight Center (KH 190)
  • Corridor connection to student storage lockers (lockers coming Fall 2014)


  • McGinnis Classroom (BH1210 N&S – North & South; flat classroom; can be divided into two)
  • Classroom BH230 (90 seat tiered classroom; will be complete Fall 2014)
  • Classroom BH240 (80 seat tiered classroom)
  • Weston Career Center Student Services (KH210)
  • Weston Career Center Interview Suite (BH250)
  • Weston Career Center Recruiter Lounge (KH282)
  • Eight (8) Group Study Rooms (BH202, BH212, BH223, BH241, BH242, KH291, KH292, KH293)
  • Primary corridor connection to the Knight Center (KH 280)
  • Corridor connection to the Knight Center classrooms 210 and 220 (KH 190)

LEVEL 3 (Mudd Field)

  • Segal Classroom (KH301; flat classroom)
  • Graduate Programs Office (KH310)
  • Graduate Lounge (BH350)
  • Atrium
  • Active Learning Lab (BH330)
  • Café, and Starbucks Coffee
  • Graduate Kitchenette (KH345)
  • Staff Lounge (KH347)


  • Dean’s Suite (BH440)
  • Faculty Offices  (Marketing, Strategy, Organizational Behavior, and Operations Management)
  • Faculty Support
  • Faculty Lounge (KH410)
  • PhD Suite (KH401)


  • Faculty Offices (Marketing, Strategy, Organizational Behavior, and Operations Management)
  • Faculty Seminar Room (BH550)
  • Faculty Meeting Rooms (BH510)
  • PhD Suite (KH501)
  • North Tower Room (KH511)
  • South Tower Room (BH551)

Located on Level 3, the Graduate Lounge houses student mail files, a printer and copier (using student print quota), “Express Lab” terminals, television screens and seating. The former Graduate Lounge in Simon Hall will be open to all Olin students through the Spring 2014 semester. Starting in Fall 2014 it will be the BSBA Lounge.
Located on Level 3 in the northeast corner of Knight Hall, the kitchenette includes a refrigerator, microwaves, and a hot/cold water dispenser.
Student mail files are located in the Graduate Lounge.
A full-service café and Starbucks Coffee will both be fully functional starting Fall 2014. During the Spring 2014 semester, each will have “express”/”grab-n-go” service available.
There are two “Express” computer terminals in the Graduate Lounge , two on Level 2 near the corridor to the Knight Center, and three on Level 1 just inside the Knight Center from the corridor connection. Printers and copiers (using student print quota) are available at each of these three locations, as well.
Group study rooms can be reserved at the touchpads found at the door of each room. They can also be reserved online through your GO account (instructions are found on the General Services Campus Groups page (Reserving Rooms section.) Classroom reservations can be made via email to General Services (services@olin.wustl.edu; further instructions are available on the General Services Campus Groups page.)
Lockers will be available on Level 1 in a corridor between the Knight Center and Knight Hall & Bauer Hall starting Fall 2014.
The closest parking areas to Knight Hall & Bauer Hall are Millbrook and Throop Garages.

Image: Frick Forum and The Atrium by Frank Freeman