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U.S. News & World Report asked Megan Waite, Olin’s associate director of admissions for graduate programs, for her top recommendation for international students applying to U.S. graduate business programs.

Strengthen English skills: Many applicants from abroad may not speak English as a first language, making it critical that they sharpen their English reading, writing and speaking skills to succeed as an applicant and an MBA student.

“We recommend that people use every opportunity they can to improve on those English skills,” says Megan Waite, associate director of admissions for graduate programs at Washington University in St. Louis’ Olin Business School, which had an enrollment of about 35 percent for international students in its last cohort for full-time MBA students.

The other top tips include “connect with current students,” and “show passion.” Link to the article here.

I recently had the opportunity to visit China for graduate programs admissions interviews.  It was wonderful to meet so many amazing prospective students from this part of the world and learn more about this beautiful country. (more…)

The Olin Business School has launched a new recruiter-friendly initiative designed to help U.S. employers navigate through the complex immigration process to hire our international graduates.

The Olin program is called Gateway to Immigration and brings together recruiting companies interested in hiring international students with Global Immigration Partners (GIP), after initial contact is made with a prospective hire.

Employer fact sheet and contact form : http://olincareers.wustl.edu/SiteCollectionDocuments/PDFs/WCC/GatewaytoImmigrationEmployer.pdf

The designated point of contact in the Weston Career Center to assist employers with questions or assistance in engaging GIP through the Gateway to Immigration program is Molly Sonderman, msonderman@wustl.edu.


The St. Louis Mosaic Project celebrates another milestone as Luis Fernando Campedelli, Executive Vice-President for Human Resources at MasterCard Operations & Technologies, becomes the Mosaic Ambassador Program’s 450th member.



Mr. Campedelli’s broad international experience in the USA, Latin America, Europe, Middle-East and Africa will play a dynamic role in supporting the Mosaic Project’s endeavor of making St. Louis an internationally welcoming hub.

Bill Behr, Associate Director of Employer and Recruiter Relations at Washington University’s Olin Business School, had the following to say of MasterCard’s international outlook:

“Through an active partnership with MasterCard, the Weston Career Center/Olin Business School sees firsthand MasterCard’s continuous commitment in attracting and retaining foreign-born individuals. These actions support economic growth of our region and the St. Louis economy.”

Washington University, among a number of organizations, actively supports the Mosaic Project’s mission to make St. Louis the fastest growing U.S. region for immigration by the year 2020.

The St. Louis Mosaic Ambassador Program plays a dynamic role in this endeavor. Mosaic Ambassadors, such as former Missouri Governor Bob Holden, proactively foster an internationally welcoming atmosphere in the community by engaging in career networks, cultural events, visiting international restaurants, and building relationships with foreign-born individuals. Connecting with the international community and ensuring they feel at home in St. Louis is vital to the Mosaic Project’s success.


Hundreds of students and alumni will participate in an Olin tradition this week when they gather at the Charles F. Knight Conference and Executive Education Center to celebrate the American feast of Thanksgiving. Buffet tables will be brimming with roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans, stuffing, gravy, and pumpkin pies to feed those who are far from home or in America for the very first time to experience this holiday.

The Olin Thanksgiving tradition was initiated by former dean Stuart Greenbaum, Ph.D., the Bank of America Emeritus Professor of Managerial Leadership, to share the American holiday with international students.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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