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Forward magazine, a publication of the Metals Service Center Institute (MSCI): “The Cyber Threat: just a click away” features findings from a recent BCTIM project that Olin students conducted with MSCI and recommends IT security measures for the metals industry.

The success of BCTIM’s 6th Annual Industry Conference on Operational Innovations for Competitive Success is the highlight of BCTIM’s first blog post!

Hosted Wednesday, September 3rd, the Conference was held in Olin’s new Knight Hall, in the state-of-the-art Emerson Auditorium. A series of lectures given by experts from both industry and academia allowed for an interactive exploration of the ever-changing trends of supply chain. Industry speakers included VP & Chief Supply Chain Officer of Sigma-Aldrich, Dan Key, and VP of Logistics-North America of AB InBev, Pablo Gonzalez, as well as Panos Kouvelis, Ph.D., Director of the Boeing Center for Technology, Information and Manufacturing at Olin Business School. A variety of perspectives and unique insights were shared during a collection of 30-minute presentations.

We were delighted to have such a strong turnout; over 140 attendees made our efforts to collaborate industry ideas and knowledge among professionals and scholars a great success. Speakers, professionals and students had several opportunities to network and engage in conversation. Several attendees reported positive takeaways and left glowing reviews.When asked if the Conference provided a value-source in regard to concept applicability, Marc Hernandez of US Transportation Command had this to say: “Excellent presentation of real world challenges, opportunities, and how to implement organizational optimization and changes.”

We’re pleased to have had such a diverse turnout across industries, contributing immensely to the exchange of ideas and applicability of the “Operational Innovations for Competitive Success” theme.

Thanks to all who made this event a success. Please follow us along our blogging journey and stay connected for the many events to come!

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