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Parents’ Weekend 2013 posed a serious problem for me. How could I share a whole year’s worth of experiences with my family in just a couple of days?

Restaurant choices ran through my head at full speed leaving my mouth watering, possible activities had me itching to grab my car keys, and the idea that my sister would be giving me a hug shortly had me smiling from ear to ear. I jotted down a list of a few potential ideas (you’re right it was more than a few), and settled in to finish my work before they arrived.

Once they made it to campus, like many of my classmates I did my best to give them a snapshot of WUSTL and a taste of the city we call home.

My sister took in a presentation in my management communications class and tried a famous carvery wrap at Holmes Lounge. My dad savored our Italian meal on The Hill, and my mom shopped through the array of stores at The Galleria. We sampled a Big Apple at Ted Drewes, which had my sister convinced that frozen custard plus apple pie might be her new favorite food, and we walked down The Loop to experience the bustle. We even visited the Sophia M. Sachs Butterfly House and took in a Cardinals’ World Series game from a bar and grill.

Although we didn’t even make it halfway through my original list, I always enjoy sharing a piece of St. Louis with the people I care about. The city has so much to offer to Olin students. But on a weekend designed to bring families back together, the most important things were not the restaurants or the malls, but the laughs we shared and the time we spent with each other.

Being married to or in a relationship with an MBA student is NOT for wallflowers or the feint of heart.  It’s hard work as members of the new Olin Joint Ventures club know all too well.  The club for Olin couples is organizing events and sharing news now on the Olin Blog.  Here’s the first post from club member Turner Peters:

Did you know that a spouse or significant other of an MBA student may audit courses, FREE OF CHARGE, at Olin Business School?

All the perks of learning with none of the hassles of exams and homework!

If you want to hear more about it, let me know or e-mail OlinJointVentures@gmail.com

Life in a relationship at Olin Business School is an added level of complexity and thankfully we are given opportunities to connect the student life with the home life. Recently, Olin hosted a spring formal where wives, husbands, fiancées, and significant others were able to let their hair down and socialize in grand fashion. I say in grand fashion because the location of our party was at a historic site, home to many grand slams.

We rented out Busch Stadium and threw a dinner dance in The Champions Club. Being in the same room with all 11 Cardinals World Series trophies was a treat but it was a real honor to be able to stand next to the 2011 World Series trophy and pose with your best business school friends/family for a professional photographer.

Only one other team in the world has at least this many major league baseball championship trophies and few business schools have close enough ties with the ball club to host a formal event in their home.

Olin Business School has an intimate relationship with St. Louis businesses, many of which are global and world class, and the student’s family has those perks, too! My wife and I are excited to meet Olin’s class of 2015 and their respective significant others. Please feel free to reach out with any questions about Olin family life. OlinJointVentures@gmail.com