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On Sept. 15, WashU alumnus David Levy, ExxonMobil’s Controller, gave a presentation to the Corporate Finance and Investments Industry Seminar. Mr. Levy spent the majority of his time talking about the current energy industry environment. He elaborated on the historical allocations of energy consumption, provided insight into ExxonMobil’s view of how this would change in the future, and detailed some of the innovative methods of oil and gas exploration currently being utilized by ExxonMobil to meet the demands of today’s market.

Alongside his market overview, Mr. Levy also spoke about ExxonMobil specifically. He detailed where the company is involved in the oil and gas industry, which comprises everything from upstream operations like Arctic and deep-sea exploration, to research into products like rubberized materials and lubricants. Fitting for the Finance Industry Seminar, he concluded his presentation with an overview of the corporate finance functions within ExxonMobil and the wide variety of experiences that employees have exposure to.

Guest Blogger: Shawn Adams, MSF Corporate Finance & Investments 2017

David Levy, a graduate of Washington University and Controller at Exxon Mobil traveled from Houston, Texas to spend time with our MBA students. He joined them for lunch in the Knight Center and then presented in Professor Todd Milbourn’s David Levy 20132Corporate Finance & Investments Platform course.







David Levy, EN '84 & Jake Dulle, MBA '08 from Exxon Mobil

Jake Dulle, MBA ’08, left, and David Levy, EN ’84


Jake Dulle, MBA ’08 who also works for Exxon Mobil, attended the Platform course as well.





Graphic from ExxonMobil: The Outlook for Energy: A View to 2040