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Sontaya Sherrell, MBA ’18 and vice president for communications for the Olin Veterans Association, provided this blog post on behalf of the organization.

The Olin Veterans Association had the great pleasure of hosting its Fifth Annual Dining Out ceremony at the Bellerive Country Club. This traditional black-tie event on March 29 consisted of military rituals, lighthearted banter, and words of wisdom imparted from our admirable guest of honor, Maj. Gen. David Bellon, commander, US Marine Corps Forces, South.

How does the OVA improve student veterans’ experience at Olin?

Maj. Gen. David G. Bellon, US Marine Corps

Maj. Gen. David G. Bellon, US Marine Corps

The OVA is an invaluable element of the veteran student experience at Olin Business School. The ability to offer and receive support and advice from those who share unique, yet similar experiences with you—from military service, to the transition from service member to student, to navigating the rigors of a challenging MBA program—is greatly appreciated and valued by OVA’s members.

The OVA provides a fellowship of individuals with shared perspective and the ability to understand the unique challenges encountered during and after this transition. In addition to this support that is so valued, OVA members benefit from the excellent array of resources and financial support available to veteran students.

Access to key business leaders offering mentorship, advice, and professional development opportunities provides an unmatched experience for OVA members.

What are some of the traditions of OVA Dining Out, for those less familiar with military rituals?

Among the traditional rituals at the Dining Out, guests were invited to answer for violations of the written rules of the evening by paying a fine—all of which supports the Olin Veterans Scholarship Fund—or having a drink from the dreaded “grog bowl,” which features a hodgepodge of questionable ingredients mixed into one punch.

A few of the lighthearted rules guests could potentially be punished for include wearing a clip-on bow tie at an obvious angle, using excessive military slang or jargon, or wearing clip-on suspenders.

Guests were expected to adhere to an honor system in recognizing their own infractions or could be reported for an infraction by another attendee. Balancing out these more amusing aspects of the event were more solemn traditions, one of which included the recognition of those who could not be with us that evening.

OVA members and guests honored our nation’s prisoners of war and missing in action (POW/MIA) service members with a moment of silence, a toast, and a speech honoring their contributions and sacrifice.

What was your favorite part of this year’s event?

My favorite part of the evening was listening to Maj. Gen. Bellon recount elements of his experience during his 28-year career in the US Marine Corps.

With all the dignity and poise of an esteemed military leader, Bellon recounted lessons on the intersection and divergence of the concepts of leadership and management that he’s accumulated over his years of service, effortlessly commanding the attention of everyone in the room with his powerful and heartfelt remarks. It was a true honor to host him at this year’s event as our guest of honor.

On Thursday, April 17th, 2014 at 1900 hours, the Anheuser-Busch Dining Room in the Charles F. Knight Executive Education and Conference Center was transformed into a traditional military Dining-Out venue.

140417Olin_OVA8149With a ROTC Color Guard, the mess stood as our distinguished guest speaker, Lieutenant General George Flynn, USMC (Ret), host Dean Mahendra Gupta, Mr. President of the Mess Mark Brostoff, Commander, MSC, United States Navy (Ret), and Gil Bickel, Chair, Olin Veterans Advisory Board joined more than 120 business leaders, faculty, staff, and most importantly Olin veterans from our MBA, PMBA and EMBA programs. The mess donned black-tie or military dinner dress to celebrate our proud Armed Forces connection to Olin Business School.

140417Olin_OVA8252The centuries old tradition of a military Dining-Out is rooted in bringing together mess members for good food, drinks, camaraderie and the raising of funds (levy a fine) to support the mess. As protocol dictates, the act of fining members for breaking a mess rule was managed by Mr. Vice, Brian Campbell, MBA’14.

Throughout the evening, several members of the mess were cited by Mr. Vice for rule violations and were ordered to pay a140417Olin_OVA8235 fine and take a drink of the OVA Grog. By the end of the night, more than $1,700 was raised for Olin Veterans Association (OVA) scholarships.

A highlight of the evening was the keynote address by Lieutenant General Flynn, who eloquently talked about the importance of leadership, values in business, teamwork and respect.


Lieutenant General George Flynn

Lieutenant General Flynn cited personal experience from the battlefield, literature and historical references, captivating the mess with inspiration.

Mr.President gavelled the mess closed at 2100 hours and several joined in the Knight Center pub to build upon the traditions of the first Olin Veterans Association Dining-Out.

Credit for organizing this prestigious affair goes to  OVA president Ryan Maher, MBA ’14 for a job well-done.