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EMBA 45 students in China

Above: EMBA 45 students Jen Barton, Jared Hoover,  and Carson Pollastro watch as Logan Jones and Patrick Smith touch frozen, compressed CO2 harvested from the carbon capture process. 

EMBA students at power plant in China

EMBA 45 students Doug Fluchel and Carson Pollastro in the Shidongkou No. 2 Power Plant turpine room. Photo: Cory Barron

EMBA 45 explored fish markets, tea shops, power plants, and the Shanghai Stock Exchange trading floor during the group’s field study day in China. Eight teams fanned out around Shanghai with the assignment to visit three assigned markets, comparing and contrasting products, packaging, marketing, and store concepts.

Twelve 45s who work in the energy sector enjoyed a special tour of the Shindongkou No. 2 Power Plant north of Shanghai. This plant has a super-efficient carbon capture technology that was of high interest to the EMBAs.

On Saturday morning the teams presented their findings. Then, Lee Konczak led a discussion centered on the EMBAs impressions of business in China. After the morning session, everyone went shopping.

Guest blogger: Cory Barron, Student Services Manager, EMBA team

EMBA student in Shanghai

On day two in China, EMBA-45 was amazed by the high-tech efficiency and vastness of the Beijing Hyundai plant.

In China, Hyundai produced over a million cars for Chinese customers in 2015. Hyundai is an example of a foreign-owned company going into partnership with the Chinese Government in order to get a piece of the Chinese market. It is now the fourth most popular selling auto brand in China.

In the afternoon, the EMBAs were invited through a side gate to the United States Embassy. After an airport-type security check, the cohort was ushered into a conference room for a briefing.

Cathy Feig, U.S. Foreign Commercial Services, explained the challenges and possibilities of doing business in China. Following her presentation, the EMBAs were given a tour of the artworks on display throughout the Embassy office building and grounds.

Day three was a travel day. High speed rail from Beijing to Shanghai.

In the evening we took the hour long river cruise to see the city lights.

Andrew Gulovsen, EMBA-45 and Sekhar Nadella, EMBA-45 at the Hyundai briefing.

Guest blogger: Cory Barron, Student Services Manager, EMBA team

Day One of the EMBA Class 45 residency in China. Gorgeous weather. Blue skies and low pollution ratings. All the 45s are well and staying out of dark alleys.

Our first day was to explore the Great Wall of China and the Forbidden City.

Because the National People’s Congress is holding its annual session, security is tight
in Beijing with added soldiers and restrictions at Tiananmen Square.

Enjoy the photos from the first full day in China:

Jared Hoover, EMBA 45-Denver, and his wife, Kristin Hoover, face an uphill battle in their hike of the Great Wall of China.

Guest blogger: Cory Barron, Student Services Manager, EMBA team

I recently had the opportunity to visit China for graduate programs admissions interviews.  It was wonderful to meet so many amazing prospective students from this part of the world and learn more about this beautiful country. (more…)

It was a an overcast, rainy Saturday in Kansas City, yet it did not dampen the spirits of Olin’s Executive MBA students in Kansas City who gathered to participate in the 11th annual Dragon Boat Races hosted by the Society for Friendship with China on June 13.

Drawing on lessons learned in the Team Development course with Professors Bill Bottom and Hillary Elfenbein, the “Strokes of Genius”team  raced in two races on Brush Creek, the body of water that flows alongside KC’s famed Country Club Plaza. It was a day shared with family and friends, and one filled with laughs as our group of novice rowers came together.

The "Strokes of Genius" included members of EMBA 46 Kansas City.

The “Strokes of Genius” included members of EMBA 46 Kansas City.

EMBA student Brad Li, a native of Shanghai, participated in the event’s opening ceremony and before the team rowed he shared secret tips learned from Chinese Deputy Consul General Liu who visited his KC office on Friday.

Participating in this Chinese tradition is especially meaningful for Olin Business School. Our EMBA program in partnership with Fudan University in Shanghai was the first joint EMBA program recognized in mainland China in 2002.

For the program’s international residency, our students travel to Beijing and Shanghai to experience business in both the political and economic capitals of China. While in Shanghai, they will also engage with our Shanghai cohort to truly experience doing business on a global platform.

EMBA 46 Kansas City exhibits teamwork in action.

EMBA 46 Kansas City exhibits teamwork in action.

The 6th Kansas City cohort includes entrepreneurs, corporate executives, industry leaders, attorneys, and non-profit executives.

The cohort will continue their studies through January before rejoining their colleagues in St. Louis for the second half of the Executive MBA curriculum, which includes the international residency in Bejing and Shanghai.


Hong Liu, Olin finance professor, was interviewed on China Central Television, CCTV-America, about China’s recent hike in taxes on tobacco. The new 11% tax on wholesale cigarettes, up from 5%, has led to a 10% jump in retail prices. But according to Prof.Liu the price increase won’t deter China’s millions of smokers. Liu says China needs to boost the tax rate to 70% to reduce tobacco consumption. Liu also tells CCTV that China is far behind other countries on curbing smoking. Bans on indoor and public area smoking are not enforced and there is little education on the the health hazards of tobacco.

Watch video by clicking on image above.