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Throughout the pandemic and into the launch of WashU Olin’s new exclusively online programs, the school’s faculty members have collaborated with Olin’s Center for Digital Education to reimagine their course curriculum to serve students in engaging, rigorous—and virtual—ways.

The CDE has created “trailers,” if you will, featuring the work of six faculty members who speak about their online classes. Their virtual coursework samples range from the power of text mining to interpreting financial statements, to estimating a mature company’s future stock growth.

New programs include Olin’s online specialized master’s programs, which focus for now on accounting, finance and business analytics. The programs launched this fall and provides students the chance to earn stackable certificates that culiminate in a degree. Olin is also launching an exclusively online MBA program in January that will be aimed specifically at empowering students to lead in a digital enabled world.

That said, the virtual coursework isn’t built exclusively for the online programs. Some professors “flip their classrooms,” providing virtual learning as a means of transferring knowledge—allowing students to do that work on their own time in their own place—while reserving in-person classroom time for engagement activities, discussion and team projects.

Click here to view the six course samples featuring classes by Mark Soczek,  Yulia Nevskaya, Anjan V. ThakorTodd Milbourn, Todd Gormley and Seethu Seetharaman. Or watch them below.

Professor Mark Soczek explains how to interpret financial statements by comparing them to nutritional content food labeling.
Watch marketing professor Yulia Nevskaya overview her Text Mining course at WashU Olin.
Anjan V. Thakor overviews the relationship between a firm seeking financing and capital market investors.
With some insights from finance professor Todd Milbourn, you may be able to estimate a mature company’s future stock value with the Constant Dividend Growth model.
Finance professor Todd Gormley shares the details on quantifying potential gains and losses from continuing the status quo versus introducing a new product.
Marketing professor Seethu Seetharaman delves into Predictable Irrationality (and a little history) for his Data Analysis for Brand Management course.